Saturday, November 26, 2011

2012 - resolutions

a month to go, i may need to wave and say bye to 2011, and wave again my hand to say halo to 2012.

so i had already prepare to welcome the 2012 with a list of new resolutions... hehe... bit "gia shu"... :D

below will be the list~ jeng jeng jeng

~> have great relationship with my families members (include my 4 kids, specially the youngest one, hope i have less scratches in year 2012 >.< ) ~> have great relationship with Ho Chun Hoong

~> have great relationship with people around me

~> Exercise at least 3 times a week, 30min for each

~> eat more vege and fruits

~> my weight 52kg

~> sexy me -> healthy me -> happy me :D

~> complete my master according to plan

~> read at least a new book every month

~> improve my english

~> independent in financial, more savings

~> donate RM100 to SSPCA every month

not least~ enjoy year 2012... Yeah... :D

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

revise 2

today met both of my supervisor... hmm kinda disappointed towards myself, as it seems that i dint do properly and way beyond both my supervisor expectation... sigh~ i wish it can move fast, end up it is fast but no quality... :( sad sad...

so now have to restrategize my plan... supervisor give me 3 weeks time to revise it... must appreciate the effort and redo it properly... ground work need to be done properly now... since i am still helping the principle to handle the tuition center, now the only time im free to do my proposal will be night and weekends...

need tie the "AI BIA (must workhard)" RED headband on my forehead from today onwards... hmm... >.< hope 3 weeks later both my supervisor will happier to see me... huhu

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

sick leave...

fall sick after dream of my student last Saturday... in the dream she keep repeating " teacher, where is my printing"... i was then rushing in the dream to prepare paper for her... so yesterday i asked her in class " hey gal, why u go my dream ah~!" then she just show her cute face and "hehe..." >.< actually i was just teasing her, haha... it was fun to see them stuck in an unlogical question specially from the teacher they fierce most... muahahhaa... so im suppose take leave to meet my supervisor today, end up need to call it off as i have heavy head when i wake up...lucky he wasn't mad for it (or he try control it from killing me in next appointment... >.<)

since i was resting at home, i couldnt stop myself from doing house chore, exspecially after im helping the principle to teach in her tuition center while she looking for new staff, i had neglected my house and my 4 kids... when i woke up, first thing i had in mind is = it was sunny days, those 3 kids must bath~!!!

hey, it was my first time bathing cats as i really dont like their claws... sigh~ but lucky enough, they all so well behave when they meet water... muahaha... for those who dint know i was bathing them, will thought i was killing them... haha... they was screaming as if there are no tomorrow~! sigh... but anyways, mission accomplish... without any scratches on me... muahahha... then of coz i also need clean up my elder son - poo koo...happy to see them all clean up... hahahahha... even now dad also praise their fur softer... hahahha

of course this doesnt end, i also just finish mop my whole house which took me 1 hour 15min... hmm.. sweat alot... perhaps it was becoz i dint sweat this much for awhile... as this was part of my plan for not building any muscle until my weight drop till my target level... now no more running nose, and yes, im happy for it... haha...

now im hungry... food time babeh~