Thursday, April 19, 2012


Today I'd been asked why I want to further study, some more it is in research mode… most of the time, master in research mode are believed to be more suitable for those who wish to involve in academic lines, while master in academic are more suitable for those who wish to work either in market or office… does this mean that I wish to end up in academic line? Honestly, not at the moment, not that I don't like this field, just that I don't think I'm suitable in this field as I actually don't like theoretical thing and I cant sit still in one place for long term… J

Why people want to further study? 2 reasons – for better income à improve lifestyle; to gain knowledge…

Me? Second reason for sure… can't deny I never been a good student, that's why I never good in my academic during the school days, but of course la I manage get through it through bit of blessing from God, bit luck and bit hard work… ^^ I'd done my part dint I? hahaha….

So now I wish to further my study because I really wish to learn to be a proper researcher… actually if I put a thought of it, it actually resembles how shall I treat my life… and expand my options in wider scope… ^^ seriously, it sound easy, yet it is complicated… hahaha… wish myself luck… and crossing finger that I settle off my research as planned. ^^