Tuesday, June 2, 2020

First Phase lifted

Today Singapore going to lift 1st phase for CB. But im will still work from home since my company is more to entertainment industry which also mean we are not essential industry. I dont really mind tho~ muahahhaha

Especially im enjoying staying at home at most time, just that i might slowly forgot how to put on make up and dress nicely with those heels (Darn~!!!) and my anti social level stage raised to another level d~ Woohoo~!!

Other than that, i enjoy stay at home, taking my sweet times make my bed, clean the house (basic one la like sweep the floor etc), and chase the cats as they very lazy...

Im lucky to have a super friendly housemate who entertain me in most time. We both stuck at home and need face each other most of the time (not that we have choice since we are the only virtual contact for each other). 

Maybe i can consider suggest to my boss this can be long term thing? *wink*

Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Never feel that we are alone, there will always someone out there will be listen to us. Even if they dont show it, never assume that you cant reach out to them. Some people make look too cool to be a listener, but as long as you reach out, i believe there are someone willing to listen and help you out.

Sometimes if we keep keep something to ourselves for too long, we are actually putting ourselves in a box and we will just stuck in the presumption that we created since the day one... I always feel life is a great challenges, we always be in such situation because we are strong and challenged to upgrade ourselves into another level, is not that life not fair, is more to you are the chosen one~!

Sigh~ if somebody reach out to you, please help them~ or at least be a listener, dont comment, dont judge, dont laugh~ they need us... and we are chosen one as well as they come to us meaning that they trust us...

Life really too short~ dont take short cut because small challenges, face it bravely~! You are the champion from the beginning~! (as sperm and we are here >.< )

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Urban Jungle

Since the locked down, cant really differentiate which day is off, or which is working day, for me as long I have work, is a blessing. At least i wont have to concern on my bill, groceries and etc...

Im a nature lover - shall say Borneo girl love nature more than anything else. No doubt one of my plan is to work at high built building, to prove my capability.. this is the result of watch too much drama and movies.. fake illustration.. now im not working in a gigantic building, but at least i stay at high level apartment (rent la), so maybe the affect about the same? plus... there is this city cat accompany me... hehehe

Thursday, May 7, 2020

MCO/ CB hair

Lucky me have a hairstylist landlord~ so yesterday bug him to give us haircut~ else we became cave women once back to work



But colour wise i still look like some ahlian~ sigh~ 

Not easy to maintain as a lady~

Friday, May 1, 2020

Sleepy Cat

No no No... it's definitely a big no no to work from home with a cute cat next to you. It's like a naked lady lay down next to a monk~! Seductive yet you know it's wrong~!

This cat try to lure me to fall asleep~!!!!! Arggg~!!! I need to be strong~!! cannot fall into the trap~!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Another Level

from 4th floor to 12 floor now 35 floor~!

Yeah~! that's my level of the room i rent.

Tiring day~ and i still feel awesome, my cleaner gene never disappoint myself and i feel that i really can have cleaning service for my part time~! haha

New room smaller than the last one, and i'm surprise that i can have so much stuff within 1 year and 3 months~! haha.. oh well... never regret of anything that i bought afterall.. hehehe

Best part of this new room is im gonna have another 2 new housemates~!

As animal lover, i always prefer to have another animal surround me... at least they will always know how to accompany us silently~! 

YEAH~! gonna restart my sleeping pattern again... even though i always travel... but like it or not, i still have the problem of adapting new sleeping environment~

Monday, April 27, 2020

Moving on to be better

Will be moving to new place in another few days. 1 year 3 months, i moved to 3 new places, started feel numb. Maybe this is just me who can't really stay in comfort zone. butt itchy as chinese always say.

New place more expensive than the current place, lots people advice me to get another cheaper place, as usual i'm just too stubborn, for me money is not a matter, real matter is i want get better, and more comfy place. New place plus point is I'm gonna have 2 cats as my housemates ^^. Only animal lovers know this well, we can't live a place too far from animals yet in same time it's not advisable for me to get a pet unless i plan stay here for good then I can love them for whole life...

Im one of the luckiest person who have great family and friends that support my rebellious and adventures yet naive dream... erm.. not sure what my dream is actually.. just that i love to try new thing and i also dont know where my courage and confident came from that i wont fail.

It's quite a lonely journey to be honest, but thanks to the advance technologies hence i never felt lonely... and of course thanks to my anti social attitude (dont get me wrong, i dont hate people around me, just most of the time i prefer be alone when needed)

It's raining outside, guess i shall enjoy the raindrop sound and do some packing and enjoy my last few days here in this room ^^