Sunday, October 8, 2017

Special Abilities Worker

As usual, went to my hidden cage during the Sunday after my facial... hehe.. my heaven since im a sweet tooth.. today new recipe... some cake sumatera (i think).. a lady approach me.. in blur mode.. i dint really notice she actually wearing a badge...

i was wondering why la this girl dont know how to greet me.. knowing the service world in Kuching, i cant bother much.. so i asked her whats so special about this cake.. i heard silent.. then only i notice she wrote in a piece paper "cheese".. this really hit me.. hmm.. so she actually a special employee.. well... i may look bad.. of coz i wont on purpose create mess.. i just point on the menu things i want...

im actually quite happy and support them.. just because they are special and not in "complete" like us.. but so long they make the effort to work and be independent earn honest income.. why not? best part.. they wont be like most of us.. gossip around or talk more to offend people.. yeah...  main point~! more excuse for me to go over actually.. hahahaha

some of the food that always lure me~ and yeah.. thats the "sumatera cake"

Sunday, September 17, 2017

What's Your number?

nice Enjoyable and Relaxing weekends.. cook my usual brunch - maggie curry with egg, a cup of hot choc.. then click click to see what movie to watch... Today i choose a 2013 movie : "what's your number". Starring by Anna Faris and CHRIS EVANS~!!!!!! (excuse me.. wiping my saliva)

Cant help it~! HE JUST SO CUTE~!!!!!! muahahaha

ok ok.. back to the movie~ it's a nice relaxing movie.. comedy & romance.. hehehe.. about a girl who wish settle down at his number 20 man. 

think this is what us as woman love to do.. we love to change our ourselves to suit the guy that we like, that we assumed as "perfect"... to the point we dint notice we actually lost ourselves.. lost the real us.. and worst.. we actually forgot who are we... hmm... 

will there really a guy like chris evans (in movie is collin la~!) that can accept who i am? or better.. find me for me... 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Since it's an international event (South East Asia), safety always come first. Specially recently Barcelona terrorist incident. everywhere is crucial. Most of the hotels involved actually having this machines and policemen are everywhere. oh ya~ im staying at the Saujana Hotel Subang~ very nice and comfortable hotel... the staff are helpful and friendly.. back to security.. Felt like keep on going to airport whenever i enter or leave the hotel as we need to scan everything... ^^ but lucky enough my cute innocent face helps.. after 2 days the police actually allow me to just pass by... hahahaha... 

this mini bar actually attracts me alot~! specially for coffee lover like me~ hahaha...

another thing that very important! must have a roomate that sama kepala~!!! hahaha.. im lucky enough to be placed with this nice lady~! both of us enjoy own privacy and most important SELFIE! any hotel same result~! the lighting always just so perfect for selfie in any angle~!! hahahaha..

hehe.. there must be something cute in any event/ sport.. as expected this event its about my fav animal TIGER... reason? because my chinese horoscope is Meow~ 
so.. lets the pic tells the story la ya~

Sunday, August 27, 2017

SEA GAME 2017 (part 1)

So SEA GAME 2017 is here.. Kinda excited as this is my first step into international event ... at first i thought that i will be very free and can update everything everyday.. ended up my schedule is fully packed up with lots fun~! 

Undeniable~ we dint really expect much from the NSAM & MASOC (National Shooting Association &  Malaysia Organizing Committee ) 
We already plan to either get a Uber/Grab/Taxi to report duty or ask some  friends from shooting range to fetch us. While thinking and walking.. we saw some cute ladies actually holding our name and welcoming us~! hahaha.. from the picture you can see how excited i am d~!

Surprises continue... the policemen escort us to the main door (in a way we actually look like criminal). then there is this cool & cute car welcome us.. felt like some VVIP & Celebrities tho~!

Hence, we both try to act like a lady and enjoy the ride to the max~! nice conversation with the driver and its a great ride to the shooting range.

stories to be continue.. need snooze d~ 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Unwrap Ankle

So at last i cant stand the itch ( dint wash this smelly one for 4 days d) and so i "unwrap" my bandage... wonder how it will look like after so many days.. 

Still bit swollen and it look "pale".. not even sure if its because the chinese herbs or is it it lack of sunshine or because blood circulism.. hmm

The black thing will be the herb... smell like typical chinese herb.. (else??!!)

Will be flying off today.. still thinking if i should bring my boot.. lol

Friday, August 18, 2017

Day before SEAGAME

Cant deny that im kinda excited now~ just done shopping with sis before packing... dont really like to pack, always feels i missed out something... and yet i dont wish to bring to many luggage.. look like stupid.. hahaha.. complicated as women (yes, women love to bring complete things to feel secure)

Tomorrow is flying off.. now still online play game.. as tomorrow onward i think i have no time to do all those.. thanks to my sis, prepare me this yummilicious hot choc before i go to bed (and because of this as well im sweating (=.=|||)

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Flirting... hmmm what does this mean? sweet talk? having special feeling  on another person? playing the feeling of another person? for fun? or...

make me wonder... maybe getting older.. take things more serious than before.. im kinda annoyed by people that love to flirt... it hurts to know people that you have feeling on/ like/ in love flirt with others.. maybe some people will question "why so serious? just flirting... not that we have affair for real"... this call insecure.. we always think that another person is perfect.. and everyone actually will "get" him away from us.. and we also will always think we are imperfect.. that another person that he flirt with for sure better than us.. specially when that person get his attention d...

it means alot for someone who actually serious in the relationship.. specially the loyal one~! some people even say "since you dislike people that flirt, then why attached to them?" Easy.. that's call STUPID~! sigh~ Easier said than done... who want to get hurt? before you know it.. you fall into it d.. most time specially lady will try their best to forgive the another half..

Emo mode on~! Grrrr