Sunday, June 30, 2013


Few days ago chatting with a friend, we talk bout our working experiences.. Seriously, i feel quite proud, my working experience really wide.. today, this is the tenth company that im working with~ hahaha.. o ya~ i include my part time experiences...

when i just finish my secondary school, i worked with my ex principle, as Part time PC fair promoter.. then in same time i also work in his shop... after that, i continue further my form 6...
during form 6 school break, i ever become daycare teacher. .. nanny actually as the kids start from age 2 till 6 only... surprisingly i manage to bare with those kids.. act, as long i dont understand their language (which is ee wuu ahah) i think i quite like kids... hahaha
then, i start involve in teaching, tuition teacher~ hmm... this is the time when i notice i start dislike kids~!

ok.. after graduate from form 6, while waiting for the result whether i can enter uni or not, i become receptionist in one of the local slimming company~ haha... this is the time where i start know reality... oh well...
so this already my forth company.. (pc shop - day care - tuition center - slimming center)
once my result is out, i quit and continue my study... hmm.. then i work in a property company as a trainee... then after i graduate from uni i become tuition teacher once again while waiting my penang job application... ( so it's my no.6 company d)

then im lucky enough, i got accepted to work in a international company located in Penang as planner a.k.a administrative work...
due to some personal matter, i had to quit the job and return kuching again... when i return... frankly speaking... after eat big prawn you wont like shrimp~ so i further my study to master level ... in between i return to work as part time tuition teacher as well which end up i help my "friend" in managing her tuition centre.. >.< (so this is my no.8 company)... and in between as well, i become part time tutor in Segi College ( no.9)

i tell myself, before i kill kids, i better leave... then i got lucky, accepted by my supervisor as part time research assistant ( no.10)... and after contract finish, i found my current job in banking line (ops... it's my no.11)

ahaha... found that my life really interesting~ and i wish let the reader know one thing... there are no specific narrow scope in our life... utilize the knowledge and experiences~ and it actually applicable in any field~ as long believe in yourself, always empty the cup~ and enjoy every moment in life~ ^^

Saturday, June 29, 2013


each time i do this, i keep wondering why i still continue do so~! it is pain~ yet i give them permission do so~! even praise them and say it is for my own good~ when ever it happen, i will squeeze my hand to bare the pain~ i even try my best look for a way to enjoy this pain each month~ i even ask them call me to remind me~ after those suffer~ i always feel happy as i feel "clean"~

Oh facial~!! why are you so pain ~~ >.<

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


today my head.. (my superior) just say that im more matured compare to another two colleague~ hahaha... this is not the first time i heard from my superior... i treat it as compliment la~

sometimes its not that i am matured... some how i think im so childish~ haha... just that times pass, age increase... slowly i become more lazy.. lazy argue, lazy bother, lazy think of more trick... slowly i prefer alone... do own things... enjoy being me~ slowly im keep myself away from people and things...

i used to love to join friends & colleague to gossip etc... but now, i wonder why want gossip... how will i feel if one day im their topic... worst.. i dont even bother if im the topic~ hahaha... meaning to say im so attractive that they want me be in their conversation~ :D

is this maturity? hmm.. wondering~ :D

Monday, June 24, 2013

another reason for moody

sian sian~~~ haze is everywhere... but whenever i want complain, knowing the situation in West Malaysia... i feel grateful... hmm... this is not the first time where the result of open burning in Indonesia spread to Malaysia~ yet, there are not further law enforcement to overcome this case all this while.. for me, no matter what they say now, it is bit too late~ come on~ take action before things happen~! learn from the previous lesson instead pointing fingers when things get worst~ sigh~

really easily moody... some more now im in sales line, need be outside most of the time.. try my best to minimized my movement~ haha... even when im sitting still at home, i can still sweat... have chicken rice also can cause my whole shirt wet~ i try console myself saying that this is due to my good metabolism la~ hahahahaha

anyways~ drink more water, take more bath and smile more~ hehe~ love the earth~ since we understand the impact now~ la la la

Saturday, June 15, 2013


today went to visit my lecturer a.k.a my supervisor in my master a.k.a PRof Ernest in hospital~ he always say will vomit blood when mark student exam paper, he really vomited blood due to tummy ulcer~ SIGH~ so went to visit him as he is also one of the lecturer that i very respect during uni time and now~ went there at wrong time, lucky enough the guard allow me in for less than 30min.. reach there saw his wife... never saw her before, but always heard bout her since Prof always mention about her during class, as well showing how great she is through FB... very touching actually (im not being happy over people suffer) coz see how his wife take good care of him... when she tell me the details of her condition... was quite shock, and all i can say is pray more to him, hope he will recover soon and back to uni and FB again~ :)

after that, went to busy body help comment for my friend wedding dress picking moment~ hehe... so happy see two of them sweetly choose the dress together, eventhough most of time i make noise la~ hahaha...

what i notice is... it is very sweet in both of this case... even though one is currently not healthy and one is happy... but for me... i saw the power of love and the strength as a woman~

when met, both definitely stranger... then know each other, and fell in love with each other... im not sure guy side la~ but a lady myself... it take a big strength to give a guy your full trust to say "yes" to become their GF, then wife... a woman will need adapt into new stranger life for the sake of love, then give their whole life to the guy (some quite unlucky, some are lucky).. all this is like a gamble...

once tie up the knock, from my prof case, i learn that, a wife will never leave their husband no matter what.. oh ya~ did i mention that she dint sleep whole night because he cant breath and suffer whole night due to weather? she need ensure everything fine till next day~ most of us din know, coz she was so friendly and keep on smilling when i'm there... but with my past experience, i do know that it is super tired to take care of patient, specially overnight type~ oh well~ as for my friend... i was so glad that the guy really love her so well... can see that when she wear the dress, the guy was so "touched" and want the best for her~ ah~~

it's a hot weather... but i don mind my heart warmed by these situation~ love is in the air~~

Friday, June 14, 2013


a friend's bday fall on today... a friend leave us today~

normally i will tell people what i want for my coming bday because i give hope to myself... but when i see friends leaving one by one because their times is up... everyday i rather glad that im awake and have another chance for everything...

sometimes it is better live life to the fullest~ because only then we appreciate times that given by Him~ at least, we are not just wasting time in "waiting" that time to come~ : ) for me, i rather colour the white cloth instead let it plain without anything~ :D

i still love him and wait for him... even though he ask me not to wait for him... actually i wish tell him... i also cant promise i can wait forever... because sometimes, it is not me that not willing or give up on waiting... there are just too much uncertain in this world... : ) even though this is what i say to most friend... but whenever i see another friend leaving... that emo~ sigh~oh well~ this is just cycle of life~ end it will regrets or end it proudly~

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


just join new company~ so far so interesting... firstly or coz is towards the field and the nature of my work~ can meet a lot of interesting people... Yeah~ im one of the merchant sales executive in Public Bank now~ *(pss.. who need credit card machine, drop me msg :P)

second is towards my colleagues...

feel funny towards people with sales background.. for me, my focus is do sales... so far la~ haha
some of my young colleague, their target is to find new partner~ since we will expose to lots business person and potential gold turtle... mean while some are already attached... with ring on their finger it tells everything... as for my senior... since im a lady following him, whenever a person tease him, he always show his fingers (not middle but the forth one) telling people how much he loves his wife~ how many sales person can really be honest with their status that they have GF or wife, and remain physically and mentally loyal? :) oh well~

with all those different situation, different surrounding and different people exposed to them, can really tell how a person behave, decide, insist and plan their journey...

Thursday, June 6, 2013


in KL training now~ hmm.. traveling really helps to improve and influence someone outlook, independence level and confidence as well...

since graduated, im lucky to have the opportunity travel around west malaysia from time to times, and maybe lots people dint know, i cant fly so often is because those place that i went are places where i can have free accommodation~ hahaha..

today before leave, have short chit chat with my manager, he told me that first time when he saw me, he dint know i was from Sarawak... hahaha... bcoz most of the representative from sarawak not as confident as me... maybe all this while, east malaysian have the concept that west malaysia more upper level as in west malaysia there are more branded store, people here more ambitions, aggressive and don smile as much as people in east malaysia...

hmm~ also not sure whether this is a good news or what... getting older, i wish be more simple and humble and remain my identity as sarawakian~ in other way~ i also wish be more daring try new things and accept challenges as people in west malaysia~ hmm~ oh well~

Monday, June 3, 2013


heard a song name "mei na me jian dan"... the lyrics really meaningful.. one of the sentence actually hit the point in my heart...

then best part in relationship is when both still very innocent... nothing to concern, just simply use the heart to love~ when happy laugh, when sad sleep... no argument, just simply spend time with other and enjoy each other accompany... how i wish life can be so simple~

but real life is different, need to think before talk, need look around before act, need be careful all the time because arrow and knife is flying invisibly... hmm...

i wish i can be me, act without thinking, talk without hesitating, trust without worry, and love without boundary~

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Best Arrangement

hehe~ today really happy~ i always believe that everything arrange for best reason...

so currently as mention before, i will be in 3 responsibility~ so far so good (crossing finger)

MY master first phase just send to my supervisor~ she checking it and will outstation for a week... once return things will move on ( I WANT GRADUATE THIS YEAR~!!!!)..

next week going to KL for my new job training... so i plan treat it as my short break and spend more time for myself~ (yes, i'm gonna lock my self and fully enjoy the hotel facilities...) ... is my anti social behaviour getting worst???..

eventhough currently my craft business not so well.. but im enjoying the "slow" business, at least i wont be too busy, and i can still slowly do more research, improve my skill and play mix and match more~

hahaha.... yesh~ im always so optimist~ life so short, why la i want waste it on being so negative~ haha... let me share some of my products here as well la~ hahaha