Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with him~

yeah~ this is one of my favourite festival~ CHRISTMAS~!!!! hehehe... don know why whenever this season arrived, I feel very warmth, even though im not Christians... maybe because the songs and the stories that i heard about it... somemore since little gal i spend all the christmas times with my grandparents from my mother side as they are celebrating it~ hehehe...

this year there is slightly different, instead spending with grandparents, i spend with my dear... we dint really celebrate it as we both not Christian, but i had spend a precious times with him during that day... ^^

early morning, we both went to the queens bay shopping to have a window shopping... I really like to do window shopping after I had shopping mall as the main objectives in my thesis during my final year... hehehe... coincidently there are a short show of batman at the ground floor... quite interesting... ^^

the event

he is so concentrate until dint know i take a pic of us

dint have any gifts exchange but im still very happy during that day... after all, Christmas is all about appreciation and spends more times with the loves one right?

would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and happy new year... HoHoHO~

Friday, December 18, 2009

Star Walk

join an event held in Penang on the 13rd of December... to show their supports toward penang events, so the company had sponsor our fees in participating the event which actually cost each participants RM10 for competition category and RM8 for non- competition category. since its free so surely i wont let go of this chance dy le~ hohoho.... some more i also participate in competition category tim~ muahahaha

so the event started by 7am till 9am... distance is 10km... within 2 hour complete the walk then will receive a cert... hmmm... so i actually cita- cita tinggi wan complete it within 1hour... because i tot it just a walk ba~

and i get lots nice things in the goodies bag that they gave as well~ hoho...

wake by 530am and my colleague fetch me from pekaka... early morning saw lots people wearing the white "star walk" shirt with number on it... look so cool like that le~

see i also wearing it le~

the scenery at the starting point

the scenery during the half way of event

so end up? i finish the walk for 1 and half hour... hohoho... not bad le for the first time...

a cert to prove my words... (proud proud)

the side effect? i get waist muscle pain instead leg muscle pain for 3 days... hahaha

Saturday, December 12, 2009

new resolution

2009 going end soon and 2010 is coming soon... its actually a tiger year for the chinese... hehehe... which also is my born year... as usual... before end of the year i'll always make a new resolution list... at least i did plan eventhough sometimes it doesnt successfully completed...

so my 2010 resolution(s) as below:
1. be more alert, sensitive and details
2. be more matured
3. treat myself better
4. eat more healthy and exercise more
5. read more self develop books
6. do more charity
7. find my own identity
8. love my families, ah dear, friends and my pets more
9. improve my language and skill in working
10. be myself and be a better one

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


drive for the 3rd time by myself to working place... so far kinda enjoy it... feel so "cool"... hehehe... coz can control gear, listen to music and on the road making own decision... hhehhe...

yesterday also my very first time went to pump my dear's car... as expected end up the staff there helping me up... he even tell me " girl, from the way u handle your stearing i already know you beginner, drive carefully ok... practise make perfect, dont worry"... hahaha... really so kind of him

even though most of the time i think that penang people drive in a scary and dangerously... but lucky me, during my driving journey i met lots nice people who dint horn me and will let me get through after i hit the signal... its either they pity me, or maybe they actually scared i knock their car... hohoho... in another words, be polite, use signal light and smile more... hahaha

Saturday, November 28, 2009


yesterday was friday~ and it is HOLIDAY~ that what i like most now... hohoho... spend a great time with my ah dear whole day... hehehe....

early morning the first thing we need to do is buy some working outfits... what to do.. coz last week after my dad visited me at penang... he demand my dear bring me shop for working outfit... coz he complain my working outfit doesnt fit me well dy... sigh... but it is great when shop around with my dear... maybe it is true towards the saying of "it is not the place that we go but it is the person that we are together with during that very moment"

^^... so we went to gurney at first... but it seems like that place doesnt suit me much... so we end up at queens bay... one of the premier shopping mall in town... as we out so early around 11am... the traffic are smooth and parking lot are available still.. went to a few shops hunt for the outfit... kinda happy as there are lots of sales happening in the same time... end up? i bought a sandals, 3 formal shirts and a pant for rm170... (after discount) not bad huh... ^^ mission accomplish... hehehe...

after shopping of coz as our weekends routine, accompany my dear visit some of our favourite aquariums... ^^ those fishes are really nice the interior design for the aquarium are very nice as well... hehehe....

really have a great day spending with my beloved dear~ ^^

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


recently just attend a company brunch... its not dinner as well breakfast... so its brunch... hahaha... i'm kinda lucky... join the company for less than 3 months then can enjoy lots "employee appreciations" benefit... hohoho... ok... so the rules is like this... each year the company will provide certain amount to sponsor the employees for vacation... as for this year, the company make bit changes which is using the amount of money to sponsor each department to held a little gathering meal... ^^

so my department chosen to go to Hotel Rasa Sayang, 6 stars wor~ hehehe... the environment kinda nice... remind me of "damai beach"... mean while for the food... i better dont complain much... prefer to emphasize appreciation towards the brunch... *wink*

after enjoy the brunch... we went to visit the Hardrock hotel... from the outside its nothing much special... but after we enter the lobby.. hmmm... i change my mind... the environment are very nice and it is well decorate...

yeah~ eating time... hohohoho

with my boss (sitting on the left with white shirt and sweet smile)

we both are from miao miao city

hard rock gitar with "soft" rock ladies

im one of the beetles member now

overall it is a very nice trip of the day... slowly adapt to the new environment... guess im a good adapter towards new environment huh~ hohoho...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


have OT during the previous week. annual stock counting... understand more towards my company and how's most process proceed... even though it looks easy... but maybe coz its easy people will take it for granted... once take it for granted the company will make lost for millions... not as study moment... worst is we will fail... which will not drag us to hell.. as working time... once the company lost.. then need prepare to lost the income for surviving... sigh....hahaha.. that's life... hmmm
after the OT the company sponsor each of us FREE lunch... one of the reason why i prefer working in a multinational company... specially it's origin from western country (mine is Europe)... hoho...

hmm... even the lunch also very "ang mo" ~ McD... hahaha....

so far ok la... lots of things need learn.. and need learn in speedy type... now starting to able adapt the working and the new environment...
miss those study days... actually was planning to continue further my study... maybe master... hmmm... any suggestion?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

new me?

I used to be someone who are very optimists, cheerful and full of confident. but recently i think i change dy... i started to escape from crop of people... i became so silent dy... i dont simply join other people talk unless its necessary... coz i always think that every words that i say may mean something different to different this so called "matured" dy?
people around me used to be very supportive and always give me advise in "friendly" and "gentle" way... maybe this is why i always so happy even people used to complain me previously... even my uni life, my lecturer also will give us advise in proper manner after they vomit blood for marking our assignment and exams paper... hehehe...
people around me now are nearly the opposite of people around me previously... they will never give u a chance for mistake... once you make mistake then get ready get scolded as if you are the worst and most stupid person in the world... im not the type that get things in hard way... i really not comfortable with such new environment at all... they just never thought of your feeling... "Feeling"? is something that wont exist here... for them... people should not do mistake... if do mistake then you're idiot~!!!!!!!!! all those feeling? only my pillow will understand my real feeling now....
but what to do? i choose this path.... now the only thing i can do is be perfect person in their heart... guess it hardly for me back to the old me dy...

Monday, October 19, 2009

new hair

yeah~ actually cut this hair long time dy... just 2 days before i come to Penang... hahaha... coz want save money when at penang so cut it 1st at kuching... partly also coz started to get bored of my long hair... hahaha....



so which one look nicer le? hohoho

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Im here

reach penang on the 6th night and started to work on the 8th... so far for the beginning 2 days i do nothing at the office... grow mushroom and do some readings and preparing for my job while waiting to be able to access to the company system...
at 1st though of posting up the photo of my company... but due to some confidential reason i think i better not posting it up... too bad... hoho
now burden my ah dear lo... he need wake up very early just to fetch me to work... hmm... what to do... thats the cost of having distant gf who plan come over... hehehe... so far everything are ok.... today just went out do some shoppings... hehehe.... tomorrow another day to go... hmm... it will be a challenging and interesting things i think... hmm.... in same time can blog too much as now my laptop stil got slide mental prob... need bring it go medical check up dy... owu.....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lantern festival

1st of all, Happy lantern festival... heheheh

last night had celebrate the lantern festival eve with my tuition center kids and other colleague... the principal is someone who really wish to bring childhood memories for the kids through a small party... because nowadays kids does not have the opportunity like most of us did... hahaha.... although most of the times need take care of those "monkeys" so dint manage take lots photos...

all the kids parents are supportive, they brings lots of delicious foods for us... yum... and the principle also prepare some fire crackers and lantern for those kids... unluckily, as when the principle are playing the fire crackers i need take care of those kids from running around so i dint manage to take photo of it... sigh... overall, its a great celebrations and memories with them before i leave... hehehehe

they playing lantern... but as its a phone cam so bit blur

the nice foods and 100 plus

the kids who enjoying waiting foods and some start playing around dy...

3 more days....

3 more days i will leave kuching to Penang. it's going to be new chapter of life... hehehe... heard roughly bout my new job routine and had roughly know hows my life would be after this... hmm... will be very busy working life dy... but as long i put my effort and do my best i guess its going to be a great experience... hmmm...

what im worried of now are my students... they just started change their lazy habit to bit more hardworking after i force them for about 2 month then i need to leave dy... those kids are special... they never know their own ability just because they are bit slower than other students... hence most teacher assume them as useless and have no quality in studies... end up? those kids gave up themselves... sigh... really hope the new teacher who going to replace me will force them as i did... my intention is just wish to let them know they can do it as long they put more work than other kids... ^^

anyways... now i better plan what shall i bring over dy... hehehe... haven even started to pack... hmmm....... any suggestions?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


today had a phone interview with a company... the interview process? i think im a idiot... said lots of stupid things... make me have a thought = I HATE INTERVIEW~~~~ sigh

so after i waited for 6 hours, they call me again and inform me that i get the job~ YEAH~!!! success... but now.. i need leave kuching and go to penang.... the company is located at penang... although the company are urgently need people so they wan me go start work by next week.. hmm... will be fly over on the 6th and start work on the 8th...

im going to miss my family in Kuching alot, my cats, birds and also all my lovely friends...

luckily my dear is there... so should be ok for me... ya ya... main reason i agree accept the job coz he is there... hahaha....

wish me luck~ everything will be fine and cool~!! hehehe... bye bye Kuching... Halo Penang....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

another day

had been working non stop for two weeks... bit tired dy... monday till saturday need teaching, usually i work only from monday till thursday, but due to examinations, we gave the student extra class so that they will able to do revision. as i was participate in the charity association Tzu chi now. even sunday i need go to help out. as today it was the donations activity. everything runs smoothly, but i din have enough rest... tomolo is going to be another working day. sigh... hopefully able to post a blog regarding the donation activity... hehehe...
coming tuesday will have an phone interview with a company from penang. if success, eventually i will go penang work by mid- october, if fail, only God knows what i am going to be... hahaha...
life goes on... everything are moving... like it or not, another has ended... everyday my life really fill up will lots happening, exiting and colourful incidents, news and things... how can i complain my life useless or bored or etc... hahahaha.... yeah~ ^^

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


now i have the chance for not attending school paper exams... but... now im seeing my own tuition student preparing for next day exams... sigh... i found out that the feeling does not have much different actually... i also kinda worried their exams... because honestly my current student are quite weak... sigh...

i tried my best teach them how to master some basic... example... when G change to KG need divide... 1m = 100 cm and on... most of them now can at least master it well... hehehe... but... either they stressed up by me or they too nervous... today they mixed up everything... sobs... im the one who plan to cry dy... wondering whether my teacher or lecturer ever get nervous before we as their student take exams... hahaha...

now i know why some parent so gia shu and why some teacher so fierce... all are because for the sake of those angels' future...

hopefully they can get through these exams smoothly... ^^

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

blood donation

recently Tzu Chi going to organize blood donation campaign... will be one of the volunteer there on the day... my position? registration part lo... coz other than that position im not good in other position... hahaha... will try upload pictures of that day... below are details of the campaign... do come along with your families and friends... see you guys there... hoho...

this coming sunday (27-09-09) there will be a blood donation campaign held at the Kuching Tzu Chi center. the campaign will start from 730am till 2pm. for those who interested to be one of the participate, or need more details on it can leave a message for me... ^^ invites your friend to do it as well... hehehe...

tips before donate your blood
1. sleep earlier day before you donate blood.
2. have better diet a week before donation
3. drink plenty of water
4. feel great because your blood going to help a lot of people. ^^

Sunday, September 20, 2009

where is ah dong

my son, ah dong had not back home since yesterday... really worried of him... he usually have meal for 24 hours... and really scared of stranger... but now.. he dint return for 2 days one night dy... not that i overacted... but he is really very home cat type... sigh... lots of things appear in our mind now... is he been kidnap? follow people back kampong? fall into drain?....

lots of possibility there... is someone saw him some where please let me know... really worried of him o~! sobs

this is a pic of him...

Car license

yeash~!! i pass my car driving test on the 7th of September 2009... hehehe... early morning i arrived at the MKM place around 730am... have a last practice and then start waiting for my turn... on that day, i'd list in session 4, no.7. i waited from 730am till 1230pm for my turn to take the test...

See, we all waited for our turn patiently

the car that i used to take the test... overall i drive 3 different Kancil for those test... hahaha

the test had been separated into 3 parts which are:
driving on road, ( i been asked to drive at road A)

the hill,

and the 3 point parking

God bless... i passed it all... muahahaha

hehehe... so on the 090909 its also a memorable day for me... Even though its not my wedding day ( coz that day is a good day for marriage as 9 is long lasting in Chinese), but that day is the day i got my license P from my si fu... yeah... now i can drive legally, erm... another prob is i don have car now... hahahha....

my P license

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm back

hmm... anyone miss me? hahahha... suddenly i had "disappear" for around more than a month... even my convocations also i dint post anything... sigh...

just after my lecturer asked why i dint update my blog for awhile, and i answered him playfully that i was lazy to post... then... booms... my laptop angry of me... heart pain till it don wan me touch him anymore... when ever i on him to "communicate" with him he will shout... so i sent him to ICU for heart diagnose... he got heart attack and need to be operate... but he need to wait for his heart (spare part) from KL for around a month... now he is back... im back to online dy... muahahha... so today he is back... im here typing... lots of things to be post in these coming days... hiaks~!

p/s: heart = keyboard
him = my laptop
shout = beep sound due the keyboard prob
operation = change the key board

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New angels

recently i had became part time tuition again... hmm... i always complain i dont wish to teach but always end up teaching as well... hohoho... so this time i teach because the tuition center that my wife Stella work are lack of people, so instead of planting grape at home whole day i plan have it as my part time job while waiting other vacancy feed back....
they are still kids... but maybe stella and the other teacher are too nice, those kids tend to "step" on the teacher head already... until they met me - their night mare. hahaha... i am someone who have very strict discipline concept since i was little girl... unless it is resting time, most of the time i do not like my student to be too noisy as it is not only will disturb other "decent" student study it even disturb students and teacher from other class... of coz those teacher will not complain directly but i think we also can guess how will they felt...
so the first day i was arranged to teach student in primary 5 and 6 students... at first, they still bit noisy, until i voice out my "rules and conditions" for them which are
1. greed teacher when you reach tuition center
2. when ask questions must raise up your hand
3. when do work do not make too much noise
4. lastly, must be polite when interact with teacher, and friends

all i know is they all have such a look saying "this new teacher is bad bad teacher and if make her angry we all sure die". hahaha... by the second day the class turn out be very very good and decent dy... mnuahahaha.... then... the principle plan ask me go help out in primary 2 which is stella's class that have nickname as "devil class"

hmm... either my face too fierce, or there are rumors saying how bad am i (there are siblings study at same tuition center). it seems that all turn out to be so nice and easy when i enter her class... hahaha... even the principle say it was the first time she saw the class sit on their place study in silently... hohoho...

p/s: i dint canned or shout at them. i just tell them without smile and firmly why they shoudnt do things in the ways they wished to. nowadays kids just too smart...

anyways, starting next week i will teach back my own class already... hahaha... so today will be last night mare for those primary 2 students...

"the devil" class... they are still angels...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


guess what? I officially became member of one of the well known chinese charity association Tzu Chi
so how does it happen? actually everything happen in sudden way. that morning i still can remember Mok shi gu called me to invite me attend a course on the coming sunday... as i just awake and still blur... i actually dont really understand what she had told me beside it is a course. so i invite stella to join me attend the course, why i agree since i do not know what happen? maybe its because i know its from tzu chi and it shall benefit me instead harm me... hmm
so after attent the 8 hours course, im now one of the grey shirt member in the associations... hohoho
last nite me and stella just attend our very first meeting with the other members, hmm~ out of all the members in the area that attend, i think me and stella are the youngest... the others? nice aunties and uncles... hahaha....
but in the other hand, its actually my opportunities and blessing because i have the opportunity to expose to charity from the young age... hehehe~ will upload more about the activities that will be held soon... hohoho
for those who do not know wat is tzu chi, i upload a famous logo of them, dint took picture of myself in the uniform as i was to blur that day ( the negative of not good in mandarin...)
Tzu chi Logo

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Feng Shui

as now im so free... so most of the time i spending my time on net... even though i am a game freak yet sometimes i still spend time in reading some informative and interesting web site...

so recently i pay interest in Feng shui... spend time reading in feng shui web such as interesting web site that give alot of nice suggestions on how to have better life... ^^ from family, career, love and even calculate your "weight" according to your birth of data as well the time of birth... so for those who dont know the time... too bad... hahaha... but i guess only most traditional chinese senior citizens specify towards the time of birth... hmm... im lucky enough coz while my grandmother still around she keep telling us our time of birth... but yet roughly i still cant remember well... still need ask my dad... hohoho

so... feng shui... most people believe that it will help change a person life towards better life... as for me... it is a tips on how to help the person improve their life into better life... as we know... feng shui is something that involve elements and tools that attract positive energy... hahaha...

for me actually this all is playing with human mindset... when people start to trust and believe in something... they actually create the positive energy by themself without them notice it... it was like something called positive attractions as mentioned in the book "The secret"...

so as the summary... i think positive mindset is more important... when there is negatives happen it actually maybe a positive linkage that link us to better things from happening which we may not realize coz we tot we so unlucky dy... hahahha... my philosophy : everything happen with a good reasons behind it...

Friday, July 17, 2009

hanging around

hmm... currently still hanging around at home... coz my part time job will only start by 27th july... ^^ wat else if not teaching line again... sigh... but better than i getting mold at home right?

instead of do nothing at home, so i decide to make my life more interesting... actually i never have days without things to do... ideas come from anywhere... even sleep is also an activity for me... not everyone have the opportunities to enjoy like i do now.. hehehe...

today had coffee like im used to... realize the different between indonesia coffee and ipoh white coffee.. maybe im a coffee lover, so from times to times i like to try on different types of coffee instead only Nescafe... my dear so supportive towards my this funny interest till he will keep an eye towards coffee and will buy for me when there is chance... more over is, i drink more towards coffee beans type of coffee instean instant coffee or 3 in 1 coffee... thats why most of the people around me cant drink coffee i made coz its just too bitter for them... hohoho... how usually i made the coffee? i spoon full of coffee powder, a spoon of creamer and 1/3 spoon of sugar for a cup... so can u imagine how "original" the coffee will taste like? hahaha...

oh ya~ back to the comparisons... both coffee are very nice... indonesian coffee have bit sour taste where as ipoh coffee have heavier coffee taste which will last longer in your tounge after a sip... hmmm... both aroma are very nice and warming... hehehe

a nice cup of coffee will bring another great day for me~ yeah~!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


at the moment im still planting grapes at home... luckily dad is having holiday now, so everyday i will so breakfast with him then go shop around... when back home for sure i will on my lappy to see whether there is any new vacancy... hmm~ bit boring dy... maybe too relax isnt my style anyways...

beside, now im learning how to drive... as for my field, marketing, i realize without owning transport will limit my capability and ability... so, now i need faster learn car and hopefully own a car... muahahha....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Car Lesson

yesterday had my very 1st car driving lesson... wa~ so excited actually... after living for 23 years, its the 1st time i learn to drive... clutch, break and oil... for me bit mess up... need think a lot coz still not used to it... sigh... when to change gear? how to U turn and on... hmm.. interesting... hahaha... Monday will have another lesson... hope can improve la... hohoho...

Friday, July 3, 2009


During the trip at Penang, I also got the chance to join my honey huey chi and her friends to have a one day trip to the Keracut… need to hike to the other part of the mountain and back to the mainplace with boat… hehehe…

Maybe gain too much weight and less exercise compared before… I get tired easily at the beginning… get dizzy at the beginning maybe due to the pressure… disappoint my dear wor… coz I’m that not fit then how to join him exercise in the future le? As he is a sport lover… From time to times he will go jogging, hiking, and swimming… hmm… how? I also don’t know… other than that… I got a serious phobia towards water after the tsunami incident… not that I’m one of the victim… but I’m the type have great imagination and also someone who scared death I guess… only people with phobia can understand my feelings I guess… sigh… anyways… when back to the mainland by using boat… I’m actually bit scared lo… luckily dint get the boat sick or anything… safe and sound back to the mainland and still manage to enjoy some scenery that introduced by the boat guard… hehehe….

there are some baby turtle... one week old nia...

an eagle eying us... waiting us drop into water... hoho

stone that look lile turtle... giant turtle... ninja turtle???

one of the bridge that need go through...forgot the name dy... hahahah

pose while resting awhile

After hiking, we went to the butterfly farm to enjoy the show and saw lots of nice butterfly and other insects… really so nice… I even get the chance to talk to the giant bugs… muahahha… before we end the day, we also went to the herb garden where there are lots of spices and plants available there… my dear also get the chance to take lots nice pics of his project “cats whiskers”…. The scenery there are really nice and it is really suitable to take wedding pictures there… coz we saw a couple went there with some professional photographer for their wedding pictures… really nice… perhaps next time I can target there as well… hohoho….

Group of the day... why my dear don smile one hor? hmm

the cat whisker that my dear examine on...

an butterfly having pineapple meal o~

its a wonderfull day... hehe... really have lots of fun...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ipoh 2 days 1 night trip

Yeah i'm back to kuching dy... hohoho

Follow Desmond back to Ipoh for 2days 1 night with my dear… hehehe… Desmond is my dear’s best friend actually… also is our uni senior from fsts… ^^ as he is driving back so it actually help us save bit for the trip… the trip took us from Penang island to Ipoh only around 2 hours ++… the scenery along the trip are very nice… can see a lot of palm trees… hahaha… and lots of billboard advertisements…
As my dear had fall asleep even before we pass the bridge… so I just enjoy myself in silently and once awhile chat with Desmond… actually for me, if I’m the one who driving back… I’m going to be crazy very soon because I need be silent for 2hours leh!!!!! I can’t even stand from not talking for 30min…. sigh…. So don’t expect me to drive long journey alone in future… muahahaha…
When reach there… after unpack everything at Desmond house, we go to hunt for food… hmm… he bring us to a street for “Nga Choi Gai”… it’s a actually steam chicken together with the taugeh in separated plate… the taugeh really so fat and muscular just like my dear… no wonder my dear like to eat it so much… hehehe… hohoho… and the drinks that I love most… WHITE COFFEE… wow… its really nice… the aroma, the taste… its just perfect… yum yum… then before back home… we actually bought “yim kok kai” – salted chicken home… one of the well known food from ipoh… but unfortunately, due to we are too full that moment… I actually dint have the chance to try on it… perhaps next time…

the steam chicken and the taugeh

the nice white coffee

see, my dear have one on both side le... hohoho...

Then I also have the chance to have a “drive through” tau huey break like PCK staffs… instead McD drive through service only… hehehe… could see lots car queuing and waiting for their turns… while the boss will come out and take order from the customers who is waiting in car… no wonder it is famous till people willing queue in long line… coz it is really very nice as it is very fresh, smooth and yummy… hehe… some more it is one of my favorites dessert… muhahaha… really enjoy it very much…

Honestly, at Ipoh there is nothing much to explore... it was nice and simple city… hehehe… the next food hunt are to a village coffee shop… where the fish ball are so small until a spoon can scoop 5 fish balls… the fish balls is very nice and the food are more towards pork skins… hehehe… how not to be fat le me? Sigh~

See... 5 fish balls le

Last before me and ah dear went back to Penang with a bus… we went to visit a cave… somehow I can’t really recoil back the cave’s name… the food eaten my memory… hehehe…. The cave is so nice… and the surrounding is cooling and refreshing like other caves… hahaha… but too bad… when we go there haze is bit thick so it a bit spoiler… but I still enjoys the scenery much…
i like this picture took by desmond alot... hohoho

Really need to thanks Desmond for the very nice trip~ hehehe… but need blame him for causing my diet plan fail as well… hahahaha….
this is him, posing while eat... hohoho