Saturday, April 24, 2010


My first "oversea" trip with my dear together with my colleagues and their partner... purposely went to register for a passport for this trip... hahaha... the spirit is there~ yeah

went there for 2 days one night trip. cost for accodomation and transport around RM300 then eat and shopping cost around RM100...haha... nice le~ hahaha... actually it is more nice because he is the one that paying most of it... hahahaha (i'm not being materialistic just being appreciative ok ;D )

we all gather at Sg Dua's McD for the sake of "pei yang gan chin" among ourself as per request by one of the organizer (there are 5 couples and i only know 3 person in there which is my dear and my colleagues so this "know each other session is compulsory"), and one of the lady know how to speak Thai language which make this trip even easier... hahaha... at least there will be a translator during the journey...

so we start the journey by 7am (malaysia time) and reach there around 11am(malaysia time)... FYI, Thailand is one hour earlier than our time zone... hehe...

don know how to further explain the trips, so just let the pictures tell the story... ^^

before we start the journey - Sg Dua McD

on the way to Thailand

at the malaysia - thailand border

The temple views

Kissing the dragon???

the mermaid

The jumping skills from the ladies

the guys plan to act macho la~

crafting by the local

Salangka (if not mistaken la)

the floating market

the famous Tut-Tut car (i think it something like our taxi la)

even the lamp post design very nice

at the well-known morning market

one of the motorcycle that attract me... hmm... i also notice the only the front people who riding the motorcycle need use helmet... person who riding pillion doesnt wear any helmet... hmm... different Law...

eventhough Bangkok currently are not very "safe" due to politic issue, but at hatyai, everything are still nice and we have a very enjoyable and safe journey back penang... ^^ next time i plan go the chiang mai dy... haha... wait my dear free first le~ hoho