Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with him~

yeah~ this is one of my favourite festival~ CHRISTMAS~!!!! hehehe... don know why whenever this season arrived, I feel very warmth, even though im not Christians... maybe because the songs and the stories that i heard about it... somemore since little gal i spend all the christmas times with my grandparents from my mother side as they are celebrating it~ hehehe...

this year there is slightly different, instead spending with grandparents, i spend with my dear... we dint really celebrate it as we both not Christian, but i had spend a precious times with him during that day... ^^

early morning, we both went to the queens bay shopping to have a window shopping... I really like to do window shopping after I had shopping mall as the main objectives in my thesis during my final year... hehehe... coincidently there are a short show of batman at the ground floor... quite interesting... ^^

the event

he is so concentrate until dint know i take a pic of us

dint have any gifts exchange but im still very happy during that day... after all, Christmas is all about appreciation and spends more times with the loves one right?

would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and happy new year... HoHoHO~

Friday, December 18, 2009

Star Walk

join an event held in Penang on the 13rd of December... to show their supports toward penang events, so the company had sponsor our fees in participating the event which actually cost each participants RM10 for competition category and RM8 for non- competition category. since its free so surely i wont let go of this chance dy le~ hohoho.... some more i also participate in competition category tim~ muahahaha

so the event started by 7am till 9am... distance is 10km... within 2 hour complete the walk then will receive a cert... hmmm... so i actually cita- cita tinggi wan complete it within 1hour... because i tot it just a walk ba~

and i get lots nice things in the goodies bag that they gave as well~ hoho...

wake by 530am and my colleague fetch me from pekaka... early morning saw lots people wearing the white "star walk" shirt with number on it... look so cool like that le~

see i also wearing it le~

the scenery at the starting point

the scenery during the half way of event

so end up? i finish the walk for 1 and half hour... hohoho... not bad le for the first time...

a cert to prove my words... (proud proud)

the side effect? i get waist muscle pain instead leg muscle pain for 3 days... hahaha

Saturday, December 12, 2009

new resolution

2009 going end soon and 2010 is coming soon... its actually a tiger year for the chinese... hehehe... which also is my born year... as usual... before end of the year i'll always make a new resolution list... at least i did plan eventhough sometimes it doesnt successfully completed...

so my 2010 resolution(s) as below:
1. be more alert, sensitive and details
2. be more matured
3. treat myself better
4. eat more healthy and exercise more
5. read more self develop books
6. do more charity
7. find my own identity
8. love my families, ah dear, friends and my pets more
9. improve my language and skill in working
10. be myself and be a better one

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


drive for the 3rd time by myself to working place... so far kinda enjoy it... feel so "cool"... hehehe... coz can control gear, listen to music and on the road making own decision... hhehhe...

yesterday also my very first time went to pump my dear's car... as expected end up the staff there helping me up... he even tell me " girl, from the way u handle your stearing i already know you beginner, drive carefully ok... practise make perfect, dont worry"... hahaha... really so kind of him

even though most of the time i think that penang people drive in a scary and dangerously... but lucky me, during my driving journey i met lots nice people who dint horn me and will let me get through after i hit the signal... its either they pity me, or maybe they actually scared i knock their car... hohoho... in another words, be polite, use signal light and smile more... hahaha