Saturday, March 27, 2010


first time went to Langkawi... together with my dear and his bunch of friends... before this, i always thought Langkawi is only a beach with nice scene... hmm... yes it is... and it also have lots nice places to visit... went there for 3 days 2 night... ^^

so, let me start the journey from his house, early morning we went to USM to meet up with his friend - Faizirul, as he will drive us to Kedah. (because we will ride ferry from kedah to langkawi)... our ferry will depart by 1030am... reach Langkawi around noon... honestly, i forgot the exact timing...i was more concern whether i will vomit while half way to Langkawi - this is called, watch to many tv...

Me and dear before enter the ferry

This is not the boat we going to enter...

The ferry we going to ride

inside the ferry

then when arrive there the guys started plan and arrange everything, from the transport to the programmes... hehehe... oh ya, 4 guys 3 ladies... ^^ luckily there are guys together then the ladies able to lay back and relax and even plan what to shop... hohoho...

WElcome to Lankawi

the beach outside of our hotel

after settled down, our hotel will be Langkasuka (if not mistaken la~) which actually quite far from the town... one thing i like Langkawi most beside the duty free choc and wine will be the road, there are no bums and the quantity of cars on road are less than kuching's... shall i say less than cars in village... it was near to 1/4 of Kuching's car on road... averagely my drive around 100kjm (did I type it correctly?? ~_~)

the first place that we visit will be the cable car ride which me and my dear dint join because i have serious phobia towards height and my dear so nice sacrificed to accompany me to other places... hehehe... but we manage to walk around in the oriental village before we leave the others... and guess what, inside there we both went to a mini Zoo to feed some tame animal, and its the first time we'd been attack by rabbits and a nice goat... hmm

The main entrance

me feeding the animal... look so loving right? muahaha

so me and my dear's first trip will be at the telaga tujuh and the water fall place... sorry, forgot the name again... haha... due to water rescission so the water fall are not what we expect... the water are so little and lots of place actually dried out... but good thing is, due to less water so me and my dear able go down there to see whether there are nice shrimps or snails... his favourite... ^^

the water fall

After that, we all meet up and have dinner... nothing much special because non of us know where to find special local foods... end up we have normal western food... yes, I know... this bit spoiling... but its OK... perhaps next time.. hehe... in the other hand, we all able to enjoy cheap beer... nearly 2 nights we enjoys beers, even my dear's drinking level also improved dy... hehehe... I'm not that bad influence right? hahaha...

the decoration of the restaurant

so the next day we went to the package trip, where we all able to visit Geoforest park and visit around the island... what's that package name? i have no idea... hahaha.... the package includes, visit fish farms, watched eagle feeding, feed ocean fish, and lastly visit the bats' cave... hehehhe... dint see batman... hmm...

before we start journey

group photo outside of the fish farm

Bitten by crab.. sob

the Kilim geoforest park

outside of the bat's cave

Tuang Chew feeding the ocean fishes... say "ah"...

then went to have wine and chocolate shopping... hehe... besides chocolate, alcoholic drinks and cigar, there are not much different for the price compared to normal pricing in town... dint buy much as there are limitation of litter of alcohol drinks that can be bring from there when back to Penang... i just bought some chocolates, and a bottle of Golden Label whisky for my dad... ^^...

the heineken in bottle~

so, at the last day of the trip, we went to visit the water world. which is one of the programme that me and my dear waiting for... inside there have lots or marine animal and even Antarctica animal such as penguin... the food that provided there are even better than some other human's food... those fishes take spirulina and different type of fishes and shrimp that been mix up and name as "ikan baja"... can you imagine how nutritions those foods could be? hehe... but as there the time are chasing, we only able walk through and took few pictures... ^^

since when he able to have "ET fingering" pose with shark~

nice penguin posing with us

we both able to fly to Antarctica take a shoot...

in the ferry back to Kedah

overall, i do enjoy the relaxing lifestyle there... me and my dear plan will visit there again other times... because there are so many more things can be explore... hehehe...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

G-hotel Buffet

Last night our big boss from Europe came to Malaysia and sponsor our department buffet dinner at the G-Hotel. the foods are far more better than the foods that i taken at the previous buffet style restaurant. ^^ from what i see through the table "adv" there will be 7 difference type of buffet theme each day. as yesterday was saturday so the theme will be "suft and turf dinner buffet"... not sure the price per person as it was SPONSORED... hohohoho....
enjoy the food and the scenery a lot... perhaps next time will go again for different theme of buffet with my dear... hehehe

The out door BBQ

The salad session

the raw session

my favourite session - the dessert session

the outlook

the lucky group ^^

Lastly the theme of the buffet (hope you can see the words la)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


never thought that i will have the chance to apply my learning during uni's day at my current company... previously i always thought that the learning i get from Uni wont able to apply in working life due to "trend" of office.

Last week boss ask me help her prepare a slide... WOW~ i was so happy not because boss ask me do something but it is because i able to do something i used to do...( most of my assignment we need to do slide for presentation)... so i just use the info and the basic knowledge such as graph, hyperlink and on... yes.. its a simple tools, but yet most of them don't use this tools because they used to use the normal ways of presenting such as closed the slide then open excel or workbook to show the data instead just creating a hyperlink... hmm... guess "marketing" was in my blood already... as long if there a chance to present, research and analysis data or information related task, i will really so enjoying the task...

perhaps now i need learn other "tools" from my current work (now im good in excel formating..) hahaha for me to able have more application in future... ^^