Monday, December 30, 2013

good bye 2013

its the time again... hahaha... but this time im not going to write any revolutions~ instead this year i plan to set goals~ hehehe...

in 2013... im in total floating situation... change jobs more than change cloths... super emotional... lazy...
but despite all that, i also proceed well in my master (pity my supervisor actually...hahahhaa)... i consistently do yoga~ and i even set up an online business (still slow la) - JasCraft...

so what's next? undeniable... another 2 years i head to 30 d.... so i must and i want to achieve something... at least physically obvious type... hmm

~ still never let go of wishing my prince charming appear... (even though not sure he stuck at which tree now~ cham~ borneo got lots tree somemore) while waiting him... will get ready be a great person that worth everything~ ^^
~ groom well... as i learn people are realistic~ they love what they like to see... even though people always say never judge a book from it's cover (ya right...)
~ do more yoga~ improve my flexibility and pose well~ for better looking body also better health
~ learn cook~ tentative plan is cook dinner once a week... as practice make perfect
~ determined and maintain have vegetarian day on each lunar calendar 1st & 15th day (can benefit my health too)
~ curse less, complain less, compare less, and not least gossip less
~ not letting people control my emotions... oummmmm......

Business - JasCraft
~ currently still less than 200 likes.. so target have 500 likes at first quater... and by end of the year 1000 likes
~ organize more event or promotions in order to promote my page
~ join more bazaar
~ improve own creativity for more options~

Study - Master
~ january finish key in all the questionnaire
~ Feb write up
~ March submit
~ October ~november - Attend my graduation ceremony

~ get into MNC
~ be loyal to one company at least 2 years

~ start saving...
~ 20% saving,
~10% invest
~ 10% Charity
~ Settle credit card debt
~  anyone have suggestion? please give me advise as im SUper Duper lousy in managing own finance

oh yeah~!!! must achieve all these goals~ then end of 2014 i can shout "GOALSSSS"... oh ya~ next year world cup... (i know its out of topic)

Happy new year everyone~!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

love is in the air

Whenever reach end of the Year. .. Red booms flying every where...undeniable.. This make me start imaging d... specially I'm too free recently. ..

I also wish to have a sweet loving and yet simple wedding...
As usual... morning the Chinese n western ceremony... hmm... what games shall I set for him... I want him sing for me... not over type of song... something meaningful n sweet type...

then Chinese tea ceremony is a must for me...

ok... night time... Western style perhaps. . Then both our parents don't have to stand whole night and legs sore... er. ... what else... oh ya!!
enter to the wedding hall as a queen protected by a charming king

Hmm... I want my hair set like a princess... and wearing white gown... Kiki

Then my wedding want to have love band... singing all those special song me n him... (I also have found out what song. .. oh my! Imagine if our special song is rockers song =.= )
Then want video cam the whole ceremony. ...

Wakakaka. .. ok... I shall start imagine my future husband instead now... kikikiki (do mind me... This is the result of watching and attending too many weddings this year... and I'm too free... ^×^)

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Ever since I return from penang 2 years ago, it's seems like I never really settle down. .. I'm still floating around to find a door get out from it... bit tired. .. I also closed up quite a few doors... me myself also not sure what am I waiting or expecting. .. feel so lost... I putting blame on my master... saying want complete it so I want it be in full time... another side of me actually don't dare commit anything. .. because I'm so afraid that once I committed if one day I was ask to leave those again to another environment. ... I am a lazy person. .. mentally not that tough... sigh... but when I see few quotes from the legendary Nelson Mandela. .. I really feel so ashame... of all the excuses.. The main problem with me now is I'm not enthusiastic or passionate enough in what ever I'm doing now... perhaps I should not think too much d... and just put my 101% in anything I do...

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Once awhile

Another month it's end of year 2013... somehow I feel that this year the times pass super fast... speedy mode? This year my carrier not so stable.   I change job more than I bought new dress... sigh....
During this unemployed moment lots things run into my mind. ..

Once awhile we shall spend more time on ourselves... I notice I actually still got lots things to do even though I'm actually categorises under 'very free' group now

Once a while shall let ourselves not enough money then we will get creative. .. previously when my wallet still quite convenient... my solutions for most things are 'go xx buy la'... but now.. since I have no stable income. .. I need to find best n most economy solutions for everything. .. surprisingly. .  Recycle can help us be creative and make our things look unique as well... hehe

Once awhile be nothing ... then we know who actually understand us and support our decisions. .. not everyone can support my decisions in being into current situations. .. Some even say I'm lazy and selfish and try avoid my responsibility. .. kinda sad when heard this. .. but as long I know what I'm doing.. I think I will hold still on it...

Once awhile do some charity. .. This what I wish I can do each year actually. .. act of kindness... few days ago I saved a kitten from drain together with my best friend. .. today knowing it be adopted really craft a smile on my face... hmm... its the kitten's karma as well actually    haha... n today able raise rm506 to SSPCA also is another some achievement I gain this year. . Hehe. .

After all. .. I'm lucky to have lots friends and family who always be by my side n always support me... hehe. ..