Monday, July 29, 2013


met one of my aunty last few weeks~ after 10 years dint meet, she actually say i dint change at all >.<

17 years old VS 27 years old no changes???? either i look matured that time, or i remain cute... LOL

this is around 3 years~ no changes meh???? >.<

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Never Give up

sometimes, will start blaming around~ mumbling~ and cursing around when things doesnt turn out to be as what i wish.. but whenever this happen... i try (try only ha) take deep breath and pull my focus to other places or things...

when calm down, i will always be appreciative~ at least i will still have tomorrow for another chance~ at least i able to enjoy this failure instead of those that never had such chance~ at least i have the chance to know and study again reason i fail...

then normally i will try again in another method~ worst come to worst ma restart and start all over again~ sigh~ but at least it is never to late... instead give up~ and second time always better than the first time.. because at least i know why i fail at the first place~

as long there is another chance~ that is more than anything else~ ^^ always appreciate whatever i have now~ and be gratitude in everything with what i am going to have through my hard work and sincerity~ la la la

let's listen to this song in order to motivate ourselves again~ ^^

Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


sigh~~ why why and why the customer service always so lousy~!!!!!!!

bought sunglasses from a shop.. after two months, the screw somehow "fly off" and cause the glass to be off from the frame.. i went there previously, the staff said he change to "longer" and "screwed" it properly d...

today happen again~!!!!! so i went there, those know me should know how "LONG" my temper is... i try to control my voice etc... tell the deaf lady that i demand a replacement~! this is second time it happen~! she still insist ask her colleague help repair it... fine~!! i walk around while waiting.. she even intro me the products~!! WTH~!!! cant she see that i was angry and fed up??

after her colleague done with it, he say the same thing "oh, is the screw, so i change longer one for you" WTH~!!!! the screw is longer that the actual length~! i look at it and this is the first time i said so "i want see your manager"

when the manager came out, he ok to replace new one for me but within the price~! another SMART action from that SUPER SMART GIRL~! she took few sunglasses which is more expensive~! i told her "i dont plan top up" and yet~!!! OMG~!!!! how can she be SO SMART~! end up the manager be the one to help me get new one~

sian~!!! fedup~!!! why cant they provide training for those kids?!! yes KIDS~!!!! sigh~

they are lucky today im lazy to get angry~ sigh~!!!!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

forget him?

when i read this news~ it really hurt alot~ if i was her position, i also not sure how ca i accept the news~ im not even 1/3 as strong as her~ sigh~

it's not easy to forget someone~ specially the one that you once loved so much~

Sunday, July 21, 2013

life cycle

sometimes i wish i can be a goldfish~ not sure if the myth is true~ they say goldfish has only 3 min memories~ ^^ that's why it always swim around happily~ haha...

maybe i was too organized and always plan everything ahead since young.. i even plan and count how many years left i will enter secondary school (that was silly as it is a definite to enter secondary by the age 13 lo~! )... things happen too fast, now end up im lazy... people always me what is my future plan~ i tell them... enjoy my life~ :P

true what~! just like the handsome talented actor Cory, sudden death (ya, he took drugs, but i dont think he expect he will die in such a way lo)... sometimes, for those that been diagnose with cancer- even last stage, they actually at least been given some times to complete their plan, and let the people around them prepared for his leave one day~ i know... it's always easy to say then do... but sometimes, i think everyone will leave one day~ when your life chapter is complete, then it's time you bring the story to the all mighty~ :)

as for people besides them, definitely difficult for them to accept the facts, just like my grandma~ she passed away for around 10 years d.. now and then i will still suddenly wake up in the middle of the night in tears because i miss her~

sigh~ so why i want plan to achieve so high and be perfectionist? might as well i spend my time to the fullest?
some people ask me why am i so stubborn and heartless? most of the time, if i dont like a person, i rather walk away, ignore and better - i wont put her/him in my friend list~ life too short to spend time on such person that waste my time~ :P and most of the time i also lazy bother things around me~ why bother? not that everyone will listen my advise, in most time, they already have the plan, let them do their own way la~ if is fail, then they can learn from it~ if success then i will say lucky i dint say anything... hahaha...

but some how, there always someone that i cant let go~ as mentioned~! it's always easy to say and difficult to do... sigh~ perhaps everything happen for good reason~ last excuse i use in this matter is - perhaps this is what we call "fate"...

Innocent Minions

Despicable me is in the block~! haha... many people are crazy over them~ the banana trademark~ and somehow the main actor - GLu been forgotten~

i like them too~ reason is i like the characters of minion~ they are just so innocent, pure and sincere~ most of the time they will try their best to complete their tasks even though they complain as well (in their own language la) and they always enjoy every moment with their friends~ hahaha~ specially the part where they producing the jam and jelly~ just too cute~

how i wish in real life everyone just the same~ ya~ we do complain and mumbling~ but at least we be sincere and enjoy every moment as much as we can right? not to say im innocent, naive yes~ but not innocent~ i always hope that i can just be myself with everyone around me without second thought~ im a lazy person, seriously~! i don like to think before i talk or act (of coz i will censored my words not to mention and critic people sensitive point la).. i just don like pretend~ and prevent my words in order to protect myself from those people that are too smart and always have motives behind~ really super duper tiring man~!

oh well~ life~ just be me is always better than pretend to be "me" that people wished~!

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Surprisingly~! it's July, half year had passed~! i work in PBB for nearly two month~! another 3 month my thesis deal (crossing fingers)~ another 2 months i will go korea...another 3 months i will perform belly dance infront of hundreds of audience~! another 8 months i will fly to meet someone that i miss so much~

everything seems so near~ hahaha~ busy busy busy~ yet i still lagging due to my big fat worm inside my body~ hehe... lots things to catch up~ must train my body well, eat well and think well... hehehe...

live is great when it is full of hope~ wulala

Monday, July 15, 2013


sigh~ another handsome talented actor passed on yesterday~ I'm one of his fan after watch the famous teen drama "glee".. in real life, he also the partner of Lea Michelle who also his gf in the drama- Rachel~

they plan to tie up the knot d... yet~ fated to be a part~ Sigh~ putting myself into her shoe~ i think i will end up insane~ sigh~

thats why i try my best enjoy every moment i can with someone i love~ too bad~ not everyone will do so~


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lazy mode

sometimes just make me wonder~ why want so rush for everything... sigh~ obviously im in the mode again... lazy mode~ sleepy... lazy move... keep wondering... some how i just wish i can no need bother so much~ enjoy anything and just everything around me~

motivation level super low~ lazy bother how people treat me~ specially that someone~ some how think what ever i did also wrong~ why bother le? haha...

oh well~ gloomy mood hit me again~ sigh

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Recently been hanging out with marriage guys... my colleagues~ as usual, they surely proudly talk bout how other sexy girls look like etc etc... but one thing that i notice is that they all have one similar thing in each topic - talk bout their wife and kids (for those who have kids la)

they will play badminton in most evening... funny is that only can do so once a week... because they need get  "passport" from their wife... eventhough it sound like their wife controlling them.. but it seems that they kinda enjoy it~ some how, when two person in love... they will tolerant in most cases/ times...

specially weekends, they always reject most projects and things because their wife want them to be around accompany them take care of kids, shopping and hang around~ i think the effort of arranging times together after long working days during weekdays are just sweet...
and most of them will always be late coming to office.. at least once aweek~ because they wish spend little time with their wife.. breakfast, send them off to work seems like is part of their hobbies as well~ ^^

im lucky to know that there are some "good" husband around still~ cant deny my jealousy super high, and when i start to feel unsecure i can really start "tie up/ control" someone~ but some how... if from beginnning he willing do something to make me secure... i guess he can easily access my passport in hanging out with his buddies just like my other colleagues~ oh well~