Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selamat hari Raya

Selamat, hari raya, aldilfitri hari yang mulia, setahun hanya sekali... la la la...yeah... next week raya...

Balik kampung... oh oh oh balik kampong… hmm even though I'm not Malay but I also celebrate RAya... I can eat redang, ketupat, kari, what else... That's the benefit surrounded with non Chinese area bah... hehe

Will have a week of holiday... hmm but will back uni earlier... maybe wed or Thursday... what to do assignment not yet finish... L kind of down now... don know either coz by the rain or the song I'm listened to... for sure it's not coz I'm stress.. Haha... y? Becoz I know those assignment can be smoothly done ma... so why shall I stress... fr of mine have funny ppl in their group... pity her... nearly vomit blood... I'm kind of lucky.. Ya, won't be deny there are certain ppl that do things in their "unique" ways... but all my group member still able cooperate well... so... it's a blessing for me dy.. Hmm... Or it's because imp too fierce... haha... wat to do... don blame me... "Sak qi" ba... hoho... now wan have a glass of honey and my cheese twisty... study tomolo quiz... hoho... then? HOLIDAY... can play with my both sons... can't wait back home to bully them... or shall I say bullied by them... hoho... anyways... I'm glad to be home.. Muaks...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

At LASt....

muahaha.. cant view my blog for nearly 2 weeks.. keep looking for the error.. now then i found out.. layout prob.. muahaha... now its ok dy.. yeah.. happy happy.. muahahaha

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Don’t judge a book from its cover…

Hmm… doing my marketing research Questionnaire whole day... since 2pm till 9pm… seeking for Indians male age 50 – 59. Wow! We all were like crazily in love with them… funny.. don know why felt they suddenly went to hide from us.. hoho… from UNIMAS Bombay Masala, we went to tabuan KFC, then to the padungan area's Indian temple and lastly went to satok area curry rice (opposite Bombay Masala). Successfully fulfill our task.

What did I learn through this process? Haha... don judge a book from its cover. At first was kind of afraid to go approach the Indians, coz they looks so fierce and as if will scold us if we ask them for helps. Hahaha… all are just my own negative perceptions. By the times they heard that I'm student from UNIMAS, and wanted them help to complete the questionnaire, they showed their nice pretty teeth, and asked me to sit down and help explain if they don't understand the meaning of some questions. Wow... I was very very touched!!! They so friendly... wish to hug them coz they helps a lot... haha... but for sure cant la as most of them have wife beside them.. Haha... hmm... also shown that they are such lovely couple... hoho

As for my last respondent, he is a business man... he shared a lot of nice experience and even shared with me some successful philosophy... Hehe… nice nice gentlemen... hmm... sometimes, just love Malaysia so much... Where else can I find such nice people from different background and still so so friendly… J

Saturday, September 20, 2008


suddenly miss someone badly.. missing some one was like losing my soul.. lost my direction.. feel like losing control in everything.. since when im in such lost control of my own.. shall awake now.. stand up.. and faced all those things that i keep avoiding.. but.. how not to miss that person? :( blur.. try put my contration into other things.. wats else if not my FYP and assignment.. :) while doing those in kitchen. my two son give me free show.. :) really funny..

at least they make the effort to cheer me up.. some how.. i love animal more than human for a reason.. they always so sincere and never lie

sting taufu??

hehe.. early morning wake up accompany dad went to aunty house.. eye cant really open.. but wat to do.. decent and obedient girl ma.. ma guai guai follow dad.. after that.. have breakfast with dad.. hmm.. went to MJc have bak kuk teh.. :) then order something that really nice.. "chao taufu" (aka sting taufu).. hoho.. really nice..
before this watch too many hong kong movies.. heard that it smell sting yet taste really nice.. hmm.. kinda true as well.. but the smell not as sting as i expected.. or mayb its just started here.. haven reach that level.. junior sting taufu i guess.. hoho.. took pic of it..

dad doesnt like it at all.. said it taste like toilet choc.. haha.. peng..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What is stress??

after a week of being crazy.. playing and fooling around.. now more things to do.. haha.. a bit "huo gai" coz no one push the stop button of my lazy mode.. some friends started complain very stressfull.. yet.. im stil hanging around.. not that i don have stress.. just i don wan let the stress take over me.. wat to do.. stil can remember last sem.. final exam.. thats my very 1st uncontrolable stress.. Methodology subject.. Prof Ernest is a very nice lecturer.. yet.. thanks to some senior la~! always give negative image of him.. end up too scared till i fail this subject and need repeat it dy.. sigh.. C! thats the result when i stress.. i will be lost direction and become "black out".
my "wife" stella always say impressed by me.. coz i can stil so calm, confident and happy even when i shall be strss.. haha.. just that sometimes no one knows how difficult it is for me to overcome such feel.. all i can do is sleep and be more crazy.. wat to do.. this is the only way for me to overcome my stress and be as positive as posibble.. everything happen with a good reason behind it.. just that as human we wont able realise it specially when the feeling and emotion overcome everything dy.. hmm.. my phylosophy again.. hoho
another way is as my dad always labeled me" cold hearted" haha.. not i don have emotion ok.. just that there are certain emotion or feeling that i must not bother.. im a emotional person.. when emotion overcome me.. there will be lots of thing that i will do which is uncontrollable.. end up? regret la! apa lagi.. eng eng do some stupid thing.. then regret.. i don wish i will regret anymore..
some more that day heard a story from my friend.. a couple sad story.. the gal BF went to KL for work.. week after that, pass away, knock down by lorry.. life too fragile.. appreciate evry moment.. so why shall i let my self in regret condition all the time? :(
sigh.. thats why im so straight foward.. towards ppl i love and hate.. im not good hiding my feeling.. why shall i anywaz.. haha.. im glad im stil breathing till now.. will stil be myself that very point blank.. yeah.. Sincerity always works best.. :) muaks muaks muaks