Sunday, June 14, 2009

Li Ling's Bday

today is my best friend birthday... yeah~ course she is older than me dy as my birthday not yet reach~ hahaha...
went to celebrate her birthday with Hui Fen, Peng shuk, and her sis who just came back from Selangor for holiday at Pizza Huts... pity hiao ma course even birthday also need her sponsor... hahaha...
as for her present, is still at penang... haven reach kuching... wait till i go and take tomorrow la~ hahaha...

actually, beside her, my another friend's birthday also fall on today... she is the one who i always mention as my honey o~ Huey chi le~ but since she is now not at Kuching, so i celebrate with her together with my dear for her belated birthday when i'm there at penang... hehehehe...

hmm~ proven that my best friends both born on same day, same year but different place... hehehe...
See how happy she is

until she want feed me~ sigh~

huey chi, who's birthday fall on same date with that hiao one... hehehe (honey, sorry ah i cant find the latest picture of urs le~ sigh)

Lastly... may both of their dreams come true o~ ^^

Saturday, June 13, 2009

preparation for wedding

first of all, IM NOT GETTING MARRIED la~! hehe... coz have no ideas of what shall i put in this post dy...

few days ago i accompany hiao ma to take her "personal photo" at studio... not that im in part, just being as her friend to accompany her... until most staffs there have such a stare " you are lesbian" towards both of us... or just me thinking too much? hmm...

anyways, as i was waiting for her to have snap shoot inside the studio where i was not allowed to enter from 9am to 3pm... i just spend my times reading magazines and listen to radio...

so, link to the title,
i saw the guides for wedding photographs instructions... lots preparations need to be done before the bride and groom go take their marriage photos. the instructions are as below:

for the bride:

1. Try diet and keep fit
2. A week before the photography session, do facial.
3. 2 weeks before photography session, drink more fluid. Min 8 glass a days to keep moisture and good texture for your face
4. 2 days before photography sessions, do another facial.
5. keep long hair
6. do more work out to avoid pale and tiredness on that day
7. Sleep earlier day before photography sessions, at least 8 hours before next day to prevent dark circle
8. avoid drink too many fluid before go to bed to prevent heavy eye bag.
9. wash hair and face cleanly on the day itself.
10. keep happy and cheerful mentality for best shoot.

for the groom:

1. Do facial week before photography sessions
2. do not cut hair week before photography session
3. shave and wash face and hair cleanly on the day
4. keep fit and diet for better shoot
5. sleep earlier on the day before to prevent dark circle
5. keep happy and cheerful mentality for best shoot.

so, who say taking wedding photograph is easy? for sure diet and keep fit is to enable the couple get more choice of costume such as night gown and on... hehehe... since personal photo which shot inside the studio already took around 6 hours, hmm.. what about wedding photograph that need go outside for scenery shoot??
after i asked the staffs there, they told me that most of the time the photography for wedding sometimes may took one day to 2 days. of course its depends on the packages they took ( more $$ = better quality ). so need keep lots $$ before wedding, guess the normal rate at least rm 3k for current price for "viewable" quality...
but it is for once in a live time, i guess everything is worth... hehehe

Lastly, today i receive one great news, one of my friend Amanda going to married by this end of the year... hehehe... happy for her... Wish her all the best and will happily ever after with her hubby~ hehehe