Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Movie lesson

Having movie marathon with him... after watch eat, pray love then watch burlesque... and actually every week we went for movie... haha... couple seat before 12pm RM12 le~!!!

most of the time we will watch such heavy message type of movie at home, as for those fantasy movie such as i'm number 4 at movie due to the sound system are better... :D

after watch Eat, Pray Love... it causing me to have a lot of thinking... couldn't deny that most of the time i will link it to myself ( hey~ this is how people attract to movie k.. :D)... most of the time when fall in love, we tend to lose our self... most of the time we will change ourself to tolerant the another one so that we make sure we will be in his/her way of doing thing... such as when Julia Roberts met her 2nd BF, she become a "cleaner" and more demanding... perhaps this action only suitable for those that just started fall in love... because that will be the stage of " love is blind"... but once the couple start plan for future, they will become more realistic... but by that time, i believe the real identity of the partner already gone... why did i said so? because before reach the "realistic" stage, we already change to tolerant our partner,

there are two type of ending :
1 ) it's either we really can adapt to the new life, or the heart already filled with those little thing that we dont like instead love... sigh~ indirectly, we already lost the identity that attract our partner at the first place... sigh~

ok ok... come back to another way round,

2) so when the couple plan for realistic life, they notice they not only fall in love blindly due to "feeling", but the partner actually slowly shows their real identity and even change to become better person... so? happily ever after lo~ haha...

overall, this movie let me understand that the 1st rule to have good relationship is "love yourself before letting other people to love you" :)

but honestly, i'm quite disappointed towards the movie's ending... i still thought she will back to the 2nd BF... hmm...

As for the Burlesque, the message i get bit different

Even though the couple actually quite sweet and romantic, but honestly, it make me feel so unsecured because the guy have distance Fiance and yet still can in love with Christina... sigh~

but... but... it shows that dream actually achievable as long we keep and hold it strong with the will~ haha... nice movie...

hmm... wondering next week will watch what movie dy... hoho...