Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Happy day

my laptop.. hehe.. my new partner.. my new son..

today very very happy.. yesterday dad bought me new laptop.. sis help me in logistic stuff ( the laptop bought from KL by her fr) hehe.. so happy.. whole nite smilling.. cant control ma.. my 1st laptop.. will take good care of it.. eventhough its not that canggih and extrem expensive... but it will become my partner now.. hehe.. but a bit guilty.. coz dad fully sponsored on it.. he ga ga dei need take out those money to sponsor me.. sigh.. kinda guilty.. but will return his favor in future.. hohoho.. happy happy

Friday, August 22, 2008


don know why.. suddent stress.. now 1212am.. eye blink blink... heart beat so fast.. brain cant rest.. lots of things to do.. don like it when i cant control my own time.. poor management.. one week holiday just pass in a blink.. sunday need back uni.. I DON FEEL LIKE GOING BACK AH... sobs.. many assigment.. don know why.. lazyness become stronger during this sem.. dahla already 3rd year yet stil so extrem lazy... how how how???? somebody help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

my sons

ever since my Lucky pass away, family seems cant accept another new member into our family anymore.. but thanks to Nga mao 'mother of the kittens', she bring another new life into here through her passion in touching my dad's heart.. ever since they are here.. it seems that our family have another new things to talk about and to joke around.. wat to do.. both of them just too cute and too nice to bully.. muahaha..

pics of my sons...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lazy mode

its just a month of new sem, started feel lazy.. lots of due date, lots of assignment,lots of keh po news to gossip ( hahaha.. gals ma) and lots of money to spend on ( specially food).

new sem, how does i feel? hmm... spend more time with stella... haha.. if both of us is a couple i guess the whole world will jealous dy.. hahaha.. eng eng 24/7 together... hahaha... then i also realise UNIMAS student are very rich, why? one day minimum cost for food ( lunch and dinner ) around RM 10. sigh... food not so special, and yet the price extremely more more more more more more 'SPECIAL' than the food out there... some more now the student are not allow to cook in hostel.. how to survive if the student have average income le. hahaha...

wish that this sem is a sem that give me lots of nice and sweet memory as it used to be lo.. muahahahaha