Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

Neglect this blog once again.. and once again im back~ hahaha

really hectic month for me... was rushing my writing so that i can at least cover up most of my chapter and so that i will able finish my master this year..

in same time im rushing in designing more craft for coming bazaar during that week ( 10 May)

then i need get ready to go for my new job training... need buy all the necessaries before head to KL on 15 May for two weeks..

ah~~~ now im slowing down.. let myself take a deep breath first.. then only start my engine again.. huhu...
eventhough i go KL for training, but i also will bring my lappy to do my correction on my master thesis... this year is a challenging and happening year~ so must work hard... then next is focus on my Jascraft... huhu

great days coming d... huhuhuhu~