Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Yes, i do count down for new year~ haha... some people ask me why need count down? it is something normal and it happens every year...

this year- 2012, is a very happening year~ a very fruitful year for me~ i learn alot through this year, emotionally and physically~ :) cant deny, it might look so difficult at the beginning stage~ but now i slowly can see why it happens~ and im very glad it happen, coz through this incidents, i learn alot and was given chance to change and be better me~

honestly, not everyone given such chance~ so im very grateful for all the things and incident that occur on me~ specially im still young just 26 lo~ so at least i have the energy, the time to change it and im surrounded with angels that accompany me to go through it~

so, 2013 definitely is another wonderful and challenging year~ oh yeah~ sometimes, i feel that my life is like a romantic, action pack, comedies and lots more genre type of drama + movies~

ok~ see you again next year~

Wishing you a very extraordinary happy new year~ muaks~

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sentimental mode

read a sharing from a friend bout relationship... how a mom gave her daughter a passbook to record all the memories of her wedding...etc etc...

after read that article, honestly, it hurts me alot... :'( coz i always have that in my mind - invisible passbook... thats the reason why i try my best keep everything bout us even the movie tickets... too bad, i dont have a visible one and share with him~

maybe thats the reason why i become a person that very appreciative... :) and the things that hurt most, when he wan to end this relationship, i have no options at all... when keep those things, each of the thing is like a needle... slowly sew into my heart... even when im typing this blog, and think of it, it still does hurt~ funny is, it hurts coz im still smile when think of those sweet memories and it cant last dy... :'(

sigh~ what can i say? lets God plan everything... if have fate~ then this shall be the climax - toughest challenges in relationship~! hmph~

Thursday, December 13, 2012

resolutions again

hahaha... i know i already listed my resolutions in previous post~ but within these few days i learn more things, see more things and hmm am i started to be more mature? haha... so below are my new list~ hahahaha... i was so excited each year in preparing my resolutions... because most of it been achieves.. some might not as i expected but the results are there~ :D

here it goes~
1. talk and say good words (less sarcastic)
2. smile more
3. love people around me and have great relationship with everyone around me
4. learn to forgive and give with a sincere heart
5. more savings
6. settle my master
7. continue my mission be sexy
8. dance better
9. better healthy lifestyle
10. more workout
11. change my attitude- reduce jealousy, understanding, more generous
12. love myself more
13. not least- be appreciative~!!!

yeah~ hmm.. i think in summary - 2013 is year for me grown up d~ ^^

Sunday, December 9, 2012


i always been labeled as someone that are childish... hehe.. i cant deny, i always jump around, talk rubbish... making fun at most things, emotional and sometimes dont even know what im doing~ LOL

dont know why, after recent incident, i have an alarm in my brain tell me it's time to stop... and grow up... :D
i will not say that im now mature... come on.. no one can change within 24 hours right? unless that person is pretender~ hahaha...

guess its my turning point d... control my emotion, talk something meaningful~  be someone inspiration... and most important... love myself more~ <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
today in the mode of thinking~ hahaha... its been awhile i dint look into my inner self d... today is the day~ <3 br="br">

My aim

last night had a great chat with my supervisor (for first time instead bout my master writing) and another course mate... when asked bout the reason i took master, i told her that i take it because i want learn the process of being as a researcher not because i want to join in academic field... she was quite shock~ LOL

for me, i dont really do things for certain or specific firm reasons... most of the time i do things because i want to learn it, experiences it and of course enjoy it~ Life is so short, why must i set only one aim? for me, i wish that my life is a colourful painting... without any title on it.. if a must with a title then it will be "wonderful life"... :D

im a blunt person... i dont really hide my feelings... someone ask me why i make certain decisions... example, instead of hating someone i choose forgive, thats simply because i follow my feelings... or perhaps the love is much stronger than the feeling of hate when it is towards someone...

as long it is from the bottom of my heart~ everything worth it~ :) sometimes, there are something that i still cant let go~ maybe there are reason behind it~ as most people who knows me well, they know im bit too cold hearted~ since it able to melt the ice~ there must be something that Above is arranging for me~ i believe it will be revealed through time... ^^

this year, for me is such a wonderful year, i'd been given chance to experience alot of things... modeling, , managing programme in my current teaching place, my master writing and etc... there are alot of up and downs this year~ times will reveal most of it soon... sometimes, we need to let go to get it more~ hehe... as long i believe it im sure it can be achieve~ ^^  i really appreciate the chance given my Him... if not i wont grown up... and definitely wont able to develop myself into another level~ ^^ i believe better things coming up~ hehehe.. hooray~

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Simple Love

love suppose to be so simple... in past generations, our parents date through phone, if long distance then write letter which took them like once a month to get in touched~ those times really test their patience, loyalty and trust... ^^ (if they cheat, it will not be found out easily as well >.<)

but nowadays, with the advance of technologies and cheap flight, long distance suppose not to be a problem... but it also reduce lots of those basic love in between... FAcebook, blogs, sms, watsapp... you name it... all these technologies may help reduce the distance in between, but this also the tools to help destroy a relationship... suspect each other... can check each other availability and etc...

hmm... after all those drama... i prefer back to basic... : ) there are always reasons why previously the divorce rate are lower than the generations now~ :D