Saturday, November 27, 2010

Penang Bridge half Marathon

It's my very first time joining the once a year Penang Bridge Marathon Run... hehe.. yes~ i also never expect i can run coz most of the time i was so lazy to move... Ever since i came to Penang to work... get this influence from him... he love to exercise(beside loving his fishes... and yes, i will be lucky enough if in his last list)...

mayb like what people always said :" we will always try to do what ever the love one doing coz we wish to be with love during most of the times"... so i started to jog with him after working days ( most of the time i failed due to work load)... erm... usually he run first coz i run like a snail behind while he run like a leopard le~ haha... at least it is still a running le~

then from running only 1 km at least i improve i guess around 5 km... but still half way stop to walk and continue run... slowly my heart able to adapt such pumping rate... but sadly my knee still dont really able to support it... sigh

then the first run i join will be 10km ( actually less according to my jogging freak colleague) of city run... then i decided to take part in the half marathon as well...
i was lucky enough as my company was so supportive and sponsor all those employee who interested to participate in this run... so instead paying RM40 for the half marathon, i joined it for free ( with condition i must attend it on tht day).

since i was greedy and bit too ambitious, i took half marathon (21km) for my very first time..muahaha...( dear was worried that i couldn't make it as i seldom run... so need promise him that at least i will get medal) was so excited yet worried as i never try to run so long and some more i reach the ending point within 330hour to enable me get a medal... hmm...

half marathon goodies bag

so on the day it self, we woke up by 1am to get prepare to leave the house by 2am, the half marathon started on 3am(guy,) and 315am(female) for me... he even prepare some nice nutritions meal which is protein blend for me to avoid me fainted in half way through... haha...

the starting point was from Queens Bay, and to The bridge, then U-turn at the bridge, pass by E-gate, then back to Queens Bay again... for those that know this rotate shall expect how far it was...

once the run was started, i could hear thunder every where... i also plan pretend look so pro, so i had my ear phone with me... partly is so that i can distract my self from looking and knowing how far i still need to go actually... haha... once i reach the bridge, just few KMs before the U-turn back, the sky started to rained... and even sound like a pro... i run under heavy rain... hmm... was so enjoy instead worry... coz i know i will sound as if so Pro... run under the rain le~ hahaha...
then i heard and saw lots ppl was entering the ambulance cars, reason: most of us already have a "heat up" muscle after reach the bridge, the sudden rain had actually cause most runner's leg cramp... so like it o not can run need enter ambulance lo~ i even heard there are runner got heart attack... hmm...

lucky enough i still have energy to continue... half way through... my leg actually does not belong to me anymore... specially my left leg... for those who know me, definitely know my left leg was weaker due to previous injury... but again due to the medal and the promise i made for my dear... i continue to search for the "ending" sign...

in the end.. of coz i able make it... even though the timing was so closed to disqualify... haha... i reach there chun chun 321hours. haha... then my dear of coz more "geng" than me... he reach within 2hours plus only... hahaha... but i'm quite satisfy already as this is my first time of joining marathon... perhaps next year will join again... Hey~ it's not easy to be able run on the middle of the bridge without being horn and knock off k~ hahaha

my medal~

actually, once i step on the "ending" point and walk to take my medal... my leg also "puncture" already... directly can feel the pain and i even walk like a crap... hahaha... dear was nice enough, as i guess he already knew all this will happen, so he already booked SPA for both of us on the same day... ehhe... so i still able bit relax after that run... took me 3 days to recover... haha... really feel quite proud... hoho...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

me me me

it's been awhile dint enter to blog... what else if not busy with my current life. it's been a year plus i "move" to penang... main purpose is him, 2ndly is because wish to experience something new...

guess what, i will soon back to kch dy... of coz the heavy heart feeling couldn't be avoided... :( lots of things running in my mind... what shall i do when i return... what will happen between us... and what is my next plan... too tired to plan or think about it... sometimes wish to enter into the comfort zone forever... hehe... too young to be lazy facing challenges of life...

guess there must reason behind why i need back... hmmm... maybe it will be a "test" between me and him... maybe there are something good back there which i wouldn't know yet... hohoho...

shall i look for new job or shall i further my study into another level?

my first plan is buy lots of books, then for first half year i rest at home and self motivate through those books... then refresh myself... the things that worried me most will be the sentimental parts... sigh~ complicated feeling~ :(

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Peace run Penang 2010~

today took part in the Peace Run Penang 2010. organised by the MPPP penang... reason I join this is to push myself to exercise more... what to do... my dear is too Healthy and his cells are always in active mode... if I'm not healthy and active enough sooner or later my size will over cover his~ muahaha...

the peace run took around 6KM only... yet it already taken off half of my life... pity my dear... he actually can take less than 30 min to finish off the run... but he insist accompany me to finish the run together ( maybe he scared i fainted half way then block the road... hohoho) end up... we both finish the jog in one hour... sigh so sad yet happy, because at least I run through it...

after the jog, this evening we went to have a nice SPA session... hahaha... at least this help reduce the leg ache... ^^... and he also rewards me for finishing the line with a Trophy Ice cream ( he don't encourage me take sweet things too much because I'm too sweet in nature...- oh well, this just my imagination... hahahha)

so the rewards for this? an ice cream, sore leg, and last but not least the Cert~ hoho

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hard Rock Hotel stay

Company just organized a company trip... out of many options i choose to stay in local hotel - hard rock hotel... this is after persuave by my colleague which also quite logical - she saying that we wont stay in hotel for no reason specially we are local... actually indirectly will say " we are too stingy to spend money to local hotel" haha...
the ladies

my company really spends quite lots money in appreciating us... each of us given budget of RM200 for the trip. two person in a room meaning that one room cost RM400. hmm...

one of the corner of the room

another corner with censored action

poster inside the toilet wish give us heart attack during night time

free things provided by the hotel

as i dint bring my sport shoe over, so i dint really get the opportunity to enjoy the gym... but the others does, the only thing i manage to enjoy in the gym room will be playing the ping pong... hoho... so still ok la~ then what else... hmm... oh ya... we went to the end of the Malaysia for dinner, foods not bad... haha... what else i can say right? it's sea foodS~!

at the corridor~

in the lift

game we played during nite

evening view of the end of the world

our dinner

the breakfast are provided by the hotel... lots options, sad le~ if my dear are there sure it will be more worth the price as he can eat alot... as for us the ladies, it's a bit wasted as we only manage eat little potions in few rounds... hmm... FYI, one breakfast buffet cost around RM55+ i dont think what i took is near to that amount lo~ sigh...
side of the restaurant where we have breakfast

so thats

ps: as usual... still left breakfast photo to be post~ LOL

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Great news

It had been ages i dint upload any new updates about myself...

recently became workaholic... have a new thought - it's either i continue suffer from stress or i try my best to do the best... so i choose options 2...

since i dont like that job field... perhaps i shall give "him" a chance... so i made the effort to "know" him more... now it is more smooth for me... at least i know how to handle when there are crisis happen... end up? i became workaholic during weekdays... haha... i start from home by 645am, reach office around 715am... work until (most of the time) 9pm... haha... dinner? my ai xin dinner prepared by my dear = protein milk shake... hehe...

lucky my dear being understanding and always support me specially neglected by me during weekdays... weekend i will try my best to be good GF by accompany him la~ haha...

tomorrow - 21 June 2010 will be a day where i will be convert into permanent stuff... quite happy for it... at least my effort being notice... and most important this will motivate me more... ahhaa... yeah~ cant deny i'm that realistic... hahaha... but at least now im interested to be a good planner in manufacturing field... hohoho

lots things to update... just not enough time and energy to do so~ hahha

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where to find happiness?

for all the sudden feel so empty... keep on letting my self in busy mode... but heart still thinking bout the matter... i really hope it was just a night mare... then i shall wake up and walk away from that darkness... am i changing or just i expect too much? i start to anti social again... even though surrounded with new friends and my dear... for all the sudden i dont know where is the direction... i feel so lost... where is the light to shine up the path? or i'm just depress? then how shall i walk out from there? i prefer to lock my self in the room alone... no one to talk when i needed... so instead hoping for care then i rather keep everything back to myself... i'm really so tired... i wish that this "anti social" behaviour and "depress" feel can leave me soon.... now, all i can do to cheer up myself is making myself busy in work... when i;m busy at least i'm concentrate on my work instead my feeling... maybe i shall make myself numb again like previous... but is this fair for people around me? specially those who love me and care for me? some how i'm just so lost... :( and i dont like this at all~!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


My first "oversea" trip with my dear together with my colleagues and their partner... purposely went to register for a passport for this trip... hahaha... the spirit is there~ yeah

went there for 2 days one night trip. cost for accodomation and transport around RM300 then eat and shopping cost around RM100...haha... nice le~ hahaha... actually it is more nice because he is the one that paying most of it... hahahaha (i'm not being materialistic just being appreciative ok ;D )

we all gather at Sg Dua's McD for the sake of "pei yang gan chin" among ourself as per request by one of the organizer (there are 5 couples and i only know 3 person in there which is my dear and my colleagues so this "know each other session is compulsory"), and one of the lady know how to speak Thai language which make this trip even easier... hahaha... at least there will be a translator during the journey...

so we start the journey by 7am (malaysia time) and reach there around 11am(malaysia time)... FYI, Thailand is one hour earlier than our time zone... hehe...

don know how to further explain the trips, so just let the pictures tell the story... ^^

before we start the journey - Sg Dua McD

on the way to Thailand

at the malaysia - thailand border

The temple views

Kissing the dragon???

the mermaid

The jumping skills from the ladies

the guys plan to act macho la~

crafting by the local

Salangka (if not mistaken la)

the floating market

the famous Tut-Tut car (i think it something like our taxi la)

even the lamp post design very nice

at the well-known morning market

one of the motorcycle that attract me... hmm... i also notice the only the front people who riding the motorcycle need use helmet... person who riding pillion doesnt wear any helmet... hmm... different Law...

eventhough Bangkok currently are not very "safe" due to politic issue, but at hatyai, everything are still nice and we have a very enjoyable and safe journey back penang... ^^ next time i plan go the chiang mai dy... haha... wait my dear free first le~ hoho

Saturday, March 27, 2010


first time went to Langkawi... together with my dear and his bunch of friends... before this, i always thought Langkawi is only a beach with nice scene... hmm... yes it is... and it also have lots nice places to visit... went there for 3 days 2 night... ^^

so, let me start the journey from his house, early morning we went to USM to meet up with his friend - Faizirul, as he will drive us to Kedah. (because we will ride ferry from kedah to langkawi)... our ferry will depart by 1030am... reach Langkawi around noon... honestly, i forgot the exact timing...i was more concern whether i will vomit while half way to Langkawi - this is called, watch to many tv...

Me and dear before enter the ferry

This is not the boat we going to enter...

The ferry we going to ride

inside the ferry

then when arrive there the guys started plan and arrange everything, from the transport to the programmes... hehehe... oh ya, 4 guys 3 ladies... ^^ luckily there are guys together then the ladies able to lay back and relax and even plan what to shop... hohoho...

WElcome to Lankawi

the beach outside of our hotel

after settled down, our hotel will be Langkasuka (if not mistaken la~) which actually quite far from the town... one thing i like Langkawi most beside the duty free choc and wine will be the road, there are no bums and the quantity of cars on road are less than kuching's... shall i say less than cars in village... it was near to 1/4 of Kuching's car on road... averagely my drive around 100kjm (did I type it correctly?? ~_~)

the first place that we visit will be the cable car ride which me and my dear dint join because i have serious phobia towards height and my dear so nice sacrificed to accompany me to other places... hehehe... but we manage to walk around in the oriental village before we leave the others... and guess what, inside there we both went to a mini Zoo to feed some tame animal, and its the first time we'd been attack by rabbits and a nice goat... hmm

The main entrance

me feeding the animal... look so loving right? muahaha

so me and my dear's first trip will be at the telaga tujuh and the water fall place... sorry, forgot the name again... haha... due to water rescission so the water fall are not what we expect... the water are so little and lots of place actually dried out... but good thing is, due to less water so me and my dear able go down there to see whether there are nice shrimps or snails... his favourite... ^^

the water fall

After that, we all meet up and have dinner... nothing much special because non of us know where to find special local foods... end up we have normal western food... yes, I know... this bit spoiling... but its OK... perhaps next time.. hehe... in the other hand, we all able to enjoy cheap beer... nearly 2 nights we enjoys beers, even my dear's drinking level also improved dy... hehehe... I'm not that bad influence right? hahaha...

the decoration of the restaurant

so the next day we went to the package trip, where we all able to visit Geoforest park and visit around the island... what's that package name? i have no idea... hahaha.... the package includes, visit fish farms, watched eagle feeding, feed ocean fish, and lastly visit the bats' cave... hehehhe... dint see batman... hmm...

before we start journey

group photo outside of the fish farm

Bitten by crab.. sob

the Kilim geoforest park

outside of the bat's cave

Tuang Chew feeding the ocean fishes... say "ah"...

then went to have wine and chocolate shopping... hehe... besides chocolate, alcoholic drinks and cigar, there are not much different for the price compared to normal pricing in town... dint buy much as there are limitation of litter of alcohol drinks that can be bring from there when back to Penang... i just bought some chocolates, and a bottle of Golden Label whisky for my dad... ^^...

the heineken in bottle~

so, at the last day of the trip, we went to visit the water world. which is one of the programme that me and my dear waiting for... inside there have lots or marine animal and even Antarctica animal such as penguin... the food that provided there are even better than some other human's food... those fishes take spirulina and different type of fishes and shrimp that been mix up and name as "ikan baja"... can you imagine how nutritions those foods could be? hehe... but as there the time are chasing, we only able walk through and took few pictures... ^^

since when he able to have "ET fingering" pose with shark~

nice penguin posing with us

we both able to fly to Antarctica take a shoot...

in the ferry back to Kedah

overall, i do enjoy the relaxing lifestyle there... me and my dear plan will visit there again other times... because there are so many more things can be explore... hehehe...