Thursday, March 28, 2013

i will smile more

i will smile more when im hurt, because i know im stronger
i will smile more when i know someone cheated on me, because i know the truth d
i will smile more when people leave me, because i will have more space for new and better people come into my life
i will smile more when people that i wish wasnt with me specially when i need him most, because i will know im in which position
i will smile more when someone disappoint me because i will know he not worth my attention anymore
i will smile more when he only pay attention to everyone but me because then i know im so stupid to have expectation
i will smile more when i left alone to deal with my emo, because then i know how to be more independent
i will smile more when i face lots obstacles within a day because then i will appreciate all the happy days
i will smile more when knowing someone never appreciate chance i gave, then i can keep all those chance to better and someone that deserve it better
i will smile more when people accuse me because then i will know that im actually their threats 
i will smile more when i know he hide something from me because then i know how dishonest he can be
i will smile more everyday, because everyday i given a chance to be better person~!

Monday, March 25, 2013

mood vs weather

feel like im in sauna~ sitting here doing nth also sweat~ sigh~ even when bath the water is warm~ sigh~~

most of the time i tell people that weather represent a woman mood... bright sun during the day~ then suddenly dark cloud and pour heavy rains~ sometimes it looks like gonna rain but a min later strong wind came it will become bright again~ hahaha... me myself i cant deny im moody~ mood swing without a blink~

only him can stand me last time... by ignoring my moody :( then tired i back normal~ hahahaha.... now... no feeling... angry or happy... dont know why... just nothing much d~ hmm... does this mean im good in managing my mood or does this mean that i hide it well? funny... there are certain things that i thought i shall have no feel d... yet, when i know it it still hurts~ hmm.. level need to be upgraded~! hahaha....

obviously im moody d~ sigh~ why? weather too hot~ how not to moody~ : ( plus today is monday (as if im impacted hahahahha)

pour me rain babeh~!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I always believe that God is always watching me~ he also always be around me by sending me his best angels to guide me~ below are few angels

Direct angels - this angel is always provide direct guidance to me~ she always there give me positive energy and guide me patiently when i do mistake.. such as she give me promotion to encourage me be a better me and etc

hypocrite angels - this angel bit different, she always help me indirectly, example - she might be someone that very evil, so that i learn not to be as evil as she is... or maybe she do some mistake then let me know how it feels like, and so that i wont do it on other people...

indirect angels - this angel dont really have direct relationship with me... but i learn through knowing it from another place, incident, story.. most of the time is through books, specially articles that inspired me..

invisible angels - normally i also call this angel as my "6 sense"... she direct give me answer most of the times... all i need to do is trust her~

sometimes the learning process might be difficult.. we will hurt, disappointed, heartache, worst - we might even want give up d~ be strong~ we are not alone~ at least we have all these angels be with us all the time

everything happen with good reasons... only sometimes we don trust there is angel... or perhaps the devil is more powerful in those moment~ so cheers~ as long have chance to open my eye, breath and repeat my routine~ it means that God give me another chance to enjoy my life~


Friday, March 22, 2013

CAndy Crush fever~!!!!!

yeah~ im a game addicter~ haha...

all this while im a gamer~ here is my history

form 3 = play CS (whole cyber cafe, im the only lady playing it >.< )
form 4 & 5 = i play startergy game which i forgot the name - those game where u build team, then attact people - bit similar like dota but much more simple
form 6 = yahoo game & the sims
degree = all big fish games - stratergy game  + time management game (while my other friend addicted to drama instead~ sigh)
now = FB game
recently = after angry bird, now im addicted to candy crush~ cant deny, it is a little kids game, and thats the reason i like it~ coz it will be simple... and i don have to crunch my brain to play it~ hahaha...

here are some reasons you should play games!

1) it can help to stimulate our creativity and reduce the chance of getting Alzheimer's Disease... (i have my dad support this k~! :P)

2)specially when play FB game, we even help encourage and improve friendship among our friends - because lack of life, and you will know who will support you by sending you more life :D

3) will not be outdated - because you will have same topics with friends around (specially recently where i cant pass the level, together we curse it~!!! LOL)

4) believe it or not, it actually reflect and help us to see our life from different angle... game always give us "retry" and we never give up in trying it... in life we might not realise it, as long we alive- we always given chance to "retry" by trying in different way (in game we say it different stratergy)... hmm.. mayb thats the reason why im so optimistics~ thanks game >.<

5) not least (doesnt apply on game that very stress la) it help to reduce stress- either coz we happy when win or because the anime just too cute and make me smiel (or laugh >.<)

6) not least- it make us feel young again- because long time ago people always say games just for kids~ hahahahaha

LETS PLAY GAME~ muahahahhahaha

Saturday, March 16, 2013

being honest

im a very blunt person. most of the time when i talk i never really filter it~ especially if those people already emphasize in "tell me the truth"

but sometimes, i found that people bit too hypocrite, hahaha.... here are some examples

1) when people ask hows their cooking, i will specifically tell them lack of this, my prefer and bla bla bla
 - result = you so good in critic, make it by urself la~ (=.=)

2) when people ask comments towards their outfit, i gave them my opinion
- result = they come out with more explanation to defend their opinion  (>.<)

3) when people ask me for permission on something, they always expect a yes. if i say no
- result = they will keep pursue me say yes (just tell me la u want it instead ask for my permission~!! right??)

4) when people ask what do i like do most- i will tell them i like stay at home and sleep
- result = why are you so boring and bla bla bla  (up to me la what i want to do~! weird~ as long as im happy ba :P)

5) people always say, never judge a person from outlook
- result = if a beggar come near you, and tell u they are dr, will you trust them?

6) people always say never judge a person if you dont know them
- result = then why the hell there are gossips around????

7) people say life is short, enjoy every moment you have
- result = then why are there still monday blue

hahaha... anyways, this just my two cents, of coz not everyone is this way... just i found it amused.. hehehe...

we always surrounded with funny and unique people... thats make our life incredible~ for those that dont know me well.. beware with my honesty, i seriously lack of some wire, specially wire of making white lies for the sack of making you happy... because for me, i rather hurt you with the truth, instead make you happy with lies~ hehehe

Have a nice day~

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


most of the time people tend to take exercise for granted... only when people have problems or anything then only they remember "ah~ exercise shall be the way"

haha... for gals, or just me, most of the time i exercise to have better look... haha... can see my neck when take photo is always better than cant see my jaws in the picture right? but part of it also becoz of him la~ hahaha... he really influence me alot... (suspect he likes exercise also for the sake of looking good.. hahahaha)

recently i notice lots of people that break up also prefer choose exercise as the center of attention... specially female, i myself is one of them... perhaps, when exercise, we will sweat, heart beat faster, and most important we will used up the energy in exercise instead focus on the sad memories... another reason i believe is for revenge.. oh well, cant deny, exercise can help us have better body shape as well body posture... and we will look more healthy~! (muahahha, lets the ex regret dumping such sexy girl)

now, i will try my very best to exercise at least 3 times a week, for the sake of my sexiness, sweat, and for health... sigh~ age catching up, so i wish that i will look fit and sexy when old~ hahaha (and wont feel guilty for taking body for granted :P)

lets exercise~ muahahahah

Saturday, March 9, 2013

sardin pasta

haha... learn this from my best friend... asian(ized) the Italy pasta~ hahaha... i dont really like Italy spagetti and pasta previously, maybe because heavy herbs not my favor~ ever since he cooked this for me~ i found it nice~ hahaha... so today my version of localized pasta = sardin pasta~ and some left over canned meet~ hehe

ok~ eating time~ muahahahhahaha

Friday, March 8, 2013


oh yeah~ today is women national day~ hehe... feel proud being as a girl to a lady to a woman~

women is a precious person, they need to be tough, strong and independent due to the surroundings forced
yet, women cant run away from their nature behaviour that are fragile, sensitive and emotional~

women always require high maintenance... they need buy pads for monthly usage, they need buy bra to push up their "highlight", they need eat and take supplements specially during menstrual period, they need take care and maintain their body shape to ensure their love one be proud of them and not least they need apply all these to person they love as well

so~ proud to say~ im a women~ muahahaha..... happy women day

Thursday, March 7, 2013

new engine start~!

thanks to the wake up call from my best fr... guess my english really getting worst (not that it ever good la >.<)
today went to pay my 3rd sem fees, mean i still have another sem to go then i shall grad~!!!! meaning to say i have around 6 months only~!!!! cannot~!!! i must graduate on time and continue everything as i planned before~!!!!

my plan? back from pg take master, 2 years grad, then continue my journey with somone special~! HAIKS~!!!! must jia you~!!!! AJA AJA~!!!!

(tie a white cloth on my forehead~!!! )