Saturday, November 30, 2013


Read an article bout bird vs relationship. .. here to share with you guys. ..

When we see a bird fly into our palm... We feel excited and wish it won't fly off... at first we take care of it carefully as it is very precious to us... slowly.. times pass... The bird plan make little movement as it feel bored in same place for too long. .. but we are so scared it fly off n never return so we grab it tighter... Some may let it fly off by trusting it will come back to the palm again... Some may continue grab it tighter each time. .. till end of the day the bird die in the palm...

Undeniable... I'm the one grabbing it too hard till it die... sometimes I wonder. .. will the bird return if I dint grab it? Grabbing my hand all this while frankly speaking it feels so tired... but in another way round. .. In Chinese saying.. If it yours it will return ... If not... no matter how hard u grab... It will also fly away... trying to overcome this inner fear... give the future him more trust... and hopefully one day the bird will stay

Saturday, November 16, 2013


It's been awhile din online post blog... today while watch China channel. .. notice that my life suddenly become complicated d... hmm... All this while I always emphasise I wish only simplicity. .. seems that it bit difficult to achieve d... perhaps it's was due to the environment etc... oh well... recently just resign. .. suddenly have burden financially. .. unavoidable one k... need pay petrol etc... sigh. . I remember once I have no such burden. . But now. .. sigh... but at least recently due to my current unemployed status.. I get the chance do something I'd wishing for all this while.... sewing... haha.. somehow. .. For me... I wish get simple life that I wished for all this while ..