Friday, September 27, 2013


weather change again... hazy by morning, afternoon super hot... then aroun 4pm~5pm suddenly thunderstorm and rain heavily~ that's why i always claim that weather must be women~ :D

recently im in this more as well... morning weak (specially before have my cup of coffee), afternoon energetic, then evening lazy mode... night... emo mode...

as usual the victim always him~ hahahaha... pity him as well... but if he know me well.. he know why i still cant move on and idiotly emo... frankly... emo really tired...

really wish that one day, i able walk out from this zone... smile and forget everything...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


long time ago... i have a teacher, tell me that her dream job is - become housewife~ that time i was like...erm... ok~

but think bout it... actually it is a dream job~ loving, and challenging~  eventhough the main 'boss' main 'customer' only one person - husband, and some might have children~

maybe when reach this age... i also wish i can just be housewife, or maybe with additional online business~  haha... for the sake of helping him to reduce finance burden ok~

sweet ma right? early morning, prepare breakfast for him~ help him prepare to work~ fill water for him... prepare towel etc... then if he don mind, im also willing prepare lunch box for him, or snack~... when he is in office~ then i can do my online business... or i can spend time design and cook nice meal while waiitng him to return~ once awhile can bake...

when he reach home, make fresh juice for him~ help him massage~ then dine together~ i know i do enjoy seeing my love one enjoy the meal i cook~ haha... but it was long time ago d~ sigh... ok ok.. last and not least, small chat~ and even better if can spend some sweet times together... watch movie, readings... sometimes, with the love one beside, even if not saying anything or do anything... just simply be by each other side~ it is just so nice~ ^^

la la la ~ will this dream come true? hahahahaha

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Today a colleague from KL nicely advise me 'Jasmine, when a guy court you, if two guys court u in same time... one drive BMW, another is driving Saga... for sure u will choose the one drive BMW... and you also will expect more instead less~ so... (biz matter d)'

actually i disagree lo~ even though his good intention in providing such example~ sigh~ material will change from time to times... if i choose him because BMW.. then? forever i will wish for material love provided from him lo~

sigh~ not sure if that's how KL couple select their partner~ for me.. even if he ride motorbike~ i wont mind~ because moment spent together is much more valuable~ but of coz.. i wont mind work hard together with him.. eat and spend wisely through this moment~ provided he is ambitious~ hahaha... i just cant accept guy that always stuck in comfort zone >.<

hmm... am i too naive to still emphasize 'moment together is more important that materialistic love'?