Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where to find happiness?

for all the sudden feel so empty... keep on letting my self in busy mode... but heart still thinking bout the matter... i really hope it was just a night mare... then i shall wake up and walk away from that darkness... am i changing or just i expect too much? i start to anti social again... even though surrounded with new friends and my dear... for all the sudden i dont know where is the direction... i feel so lost... where is the light to shine up the path? or i'm just depress? then how shall i walk out from there? i prefer to lock my self in the room alone... no one to talk when i needed... so instead hoping for care then i rather keep everything back to myself... i'm really so tired... i wish that this "anti social" behaviour and "depress" feel can leave me soon.... now, all i can do to cheer up myself is making myself busy in work... when i;m busy at least i'm concentrate on my work instead my feeling... maybe i shall make myself numb again like previous... but is this fair for people around me? specially those who love me and care for me? some how i'm just so lost... :( and i dont like this at all~!!