Sunday, July 25, 2010

Peace run Penang 2010~

today took part in the Peace Run Penang 2010. organised by the MPPP penang... reason I join this is to push myself to exercise more... what to do... my dear is too Healthy and his cells are always in active mode... if I'm not healthy and active enough sooner or later my size will over cover his~ muahaha...

the peace run took around 6KM only... yet it already taken off half of my life... pity my dear... he actually can take less than 30 min to finish off the run... but he insist accompany me to finish the run together ( maybe he scared i fainted half way then block the road... hohoho) end up... we both finish the jog in one hour... sigh so sad yet happy, because at least I run through it...

after the jog, this evening we went to have a nice SPA session... hahaha... at least this help reduce the leg ache... ^^... and he also rewards me for finishing the line with a Trophy Ice cream ( he don't encourage me take sweet things too much because I'm too sweet in nature...- oh well, this just my imagination... hahahha)

so the rewards for this? an ice cream, sore leg, and last but not least the Cert~ hoho

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hard Rock Hotel stay

Company just organized a company trip... out of many options i choose to stay in local hotel - hard rock hotel... this is after persuave by my colleague which also quite logical - she saying that we wont stay in hotel for no reason specially we are local... actually indirectly will say " we are too stingy to spend money to local hotel" haha...
the ladies

my company really spends quite lots money in appreciating us... each of us given budget of RM200 for the trip. two person in a room meaning that one room cost RM400. hmm...

one of the corner of the room

another corner with censored action

poster inside the toilet wish give us heart attack during night time

free things provided by the hotel

as i dint bring my sport shoe over, so i dint really get the opportunity to enjoy the gym... but the others does, the only thing i manage to enjoy in the gym room will be playing the ping pong... hoho... so still ok la~ then what else... hmm... oh ya... we went to the end of the Malaysia for dinner, foods not bad... haha... what else i can say right? it's sea foodS~!

at the corridor~

in the lift

game we played during nite

evening view of the end of the world

our dinner

the breakfast are provided by the hotel... lots options, sad le~ if my dear are there sure it will be more worth the price as he can eat alot... as for us the ladies, it's a bit wasted as we only manage eat little potions in few rounds... hmm... FYI, one breakfast buffet cost around RM55+ i dont think what i took is near to that amount lo~ sigh...
side of the restaurant where we have breakfast

so thats

ps: as usual... still left breakfast photo to be post~ LOL