Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2010 Penang

1 year had passed lu... been here for 1 year + dy... soon will be back lu...
after celebrating valentine day with him yesterday, today I need accept the fact that i'm going back dy... at least within this 1 year i had celebrate new year eve, his and my birthday and not least valentine day... all not as what i expect. but guess i shall appreciate it anyway... :) something better than nothing ma... hahaha

will be leaving here around 16days more... then will stay at my own home town dy... hope previous year, all my sacrificial for this relationship worth it... as after return home town, i really dont know what will happen dy.. perhaps due to environment or due to ppl around me, i'm lack of confident within everything... trying my best to trust this relationship will work even if it's going to be a long distance relationship... :) lots ppl asking me specially my colleagues that what will happen between us... well~ as usual, i will just tell them this will only be the challenge for us lo~ if success then haliluyA~! if fail then bye bye lo~ what else right??

perhaps shouldn't worry much~ haha... as it seems my leaving doesnt give any impacts anyway... sigh~ maybe it's just me~

hmm... now i need to plan what i need to do when i'm back~ study? continue work??

if study ; part time or full time?

if work; can i accept the lower payment? or shall i wait till the worthwhile payment?

hmm... lot's more to think~ muhahahaha... brain just cant stop thinking...