Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Since it's an international event (South East Asia), safety always come first. Specially recently Barcelona terrorist incident. everywhere is crucial. Most of the hotels involved actually having this machines and policemen are everywhere. oh ya~ im staying at the Saujana Hotel Subang~ very nice and comfortable hotel... the staff are helpful and friendly.. back to security.. Felt like keep on going to airport whenever i enter or leave the hotel as we need to scan everything... ^^ but lucky enough my cute innocent face helps.. after 2 days the police actually allow me to just pass by... hahahaha... 

this mini bar actually attracts me alot~! specially for coffee lover like me~ hahaha...

another thing that very important! must have a roomate that sama kepala~!!! hahaha.. im lucky enough to be placed with this nice lady~! both of us enjoy own privacy and most important SELFIE! any hotel same result~! the lighting always just so perfect for selfie in any angle~!! hahahaha..

hehe.. there must be something cute in any event/ sport.. as expected this event its about my fav animal TIGER... reason? because my chinese horoscope is Meow~ 
so.. lets the pic tells the story la ya~

Sunday, August 27, 2017

SEA GAME 2017 (part 1)

So SEA GAME 2017 is here.. Kinda excited as this is my first step into international event ... at first i thought that i will be very free and can update everything everyday.. ended up my schedule is fully packed up with lots fun~! 

Undeniable~ we dint really expect much from the NSAM & MASOC (National Shooting Association &  Malaysia Organizing Committee ) 
We already plan to either get a Uber/Grab/Taxi to report duty or ask some  friends from shooting range to fetch us. While thinking and walking.. we saw some cute ladies actually holding our name and welcoming us~! hahaha.. from the picture you can see how excited i am d~!

Surprises continue... the policemen escort us to the main door (in a way we actually look like criminal). then there is this cool & cute car welcome us.. felt like some VVIP & Celebrities tho~!

Hence, we both try to act like a lady and enjoy the ride to the max~! nice conversation with the driver and its a great ride to the shooting range.

stories to be continue.. need snooze d~ 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Unwrap Ankle

So at last i cant stand the itch ( dint wash this smelly one for 4 days d) and so i "unwrap" my bandage... wonder how it will look like after so many days.. 

Still bit swollen and it look "pale".. not even sure if its because the chinese herbs or is it it lack of sunshine or because blood circulism.. hmm

The black thing will be the herb... smell like typical chinese herb.. (else??!!)

Will be flying off today.. still thinking if i should bring my boot.. lol

Friday, August 18, 2017

Day before SEAGAME

Cant deny that im kinda excited now~ just done shopping with sis before packing... dont really like to pack, always feels i missed out something... and yet i dont wish to bring to many luggage.. look like stupid.. hahaha.. complicated as women (yes, women love to bring complete things to feel secure)

Tomorrow is flying off.. now still online play game.. as tomorrow onward i think i have no time to do all those.. thanks to my sis, prepare me this yummilicious hot choc before i go to bed (and because of this as well im sweating (=.=|||)

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Flirting... hmmm what does this mean? sweet talk? having special feeling  on another person? playing the feeling of another person? for fun? or...

make me wonder... maybe getting older.. take things more serious than before.. im kinda annoyed by people that love to flirt... it hurts to know people that you have feeling on/ like/ in love flirt with others.. maybe some people will question "why so serious? just flirting... not that we have affair for real"... this call insecure.. we always think that another person is perfect.. and everyone actually will "get" him away from us.. and we also will always think we are imperfect.. that another person that he flirt with for sure better than us.. specially when that person get his attention d...

it means alot for someone who actually serious in the relationship.. specially the loyal one~! some people even say "since you dislike people that flirt, then why attached to them?" Easy.. that's call STUPID~! sigh~ Easier said than done... who want to get hurt? before you know it.. you fall into it d.. most time specially lady will try their best to forgive the another half..

Emo mode on~! Grrrr

Stay Healthy

haha.. Recently try to be more healthy.. not on purpose.. but somehow it lead me to there due to some "accident".. well.. everything happen for reasons..

Reason 1~!
 as mentioned in my past posting.. i need fast recovery hence i need reduce food that related to uric acid.. now early morning i can only have soy protein instead eggs... and during meal time i can only have carbo and vege (i still take some meat... else i will be starving).. and its not safe for me to drive at  the moment (manual ma~!) i also cut off from drinking... somehow still ok~! obviously im not alcoholic as claimed by my drinking kaki~! (oh yeah.. im a good girl)

Reason 2~!
its raining season... im a lazy pig... i feel sleepy easily during this nice weather.. plus i cant move too much ( doctor advice for fast recovery as well)... slept around 930pm recently.. hahaha... syok~! but ended up i think i sleep too much.. my dark circle and my eye smaller d~! hahaha

and not least~! the SEAGAME atmosphere is here.. ya~! i will be there as technical support team~! hence i shall act like one (im ex athlete as well k~!) the leader of each event started to create group chat.. excited to reunite with them specially most of them are from west Malaysia... most important is.. need maintain my outlook~! muahaha.. ahem.. lots ATHLETES there k? of course i want look good as well.. hahahha

next week will try share more about SEAGAME~! hahaha.. at least in future its a prove that i'd been there and did that.. huhu...

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sexy Pork Leg

Continue yesterday story.. as expected i become OKU today... cant really walk like a lady... since my work is walk hence might as well i get MC and get my ankle treated properly.. 

Lucky me, im still my dad forever princess.. he drive me to the Kenyalang famous Tai chi chinese clinic.. same case and same advise.. its my old injury that make my ankle fragile and its easier sprinkle compared to the another side.. 

Told him that my work require alot of walking, specially next week SEAGAME i need to stand and walk alot.. so i need be very careful now... proper diet which is less consume food that increase uric asid level for time been.. indirectly.. im on diet.. muahaha.. 
now i understand how important leg is for person like me.. who always have extra energy compare to usual people.. well.. dear leg.. i hope you recover soon.. dont worry.. the doctor say you can still wear heel once you strong again.. muahahahaha... oh well.. im still a lady who want look pretty.. chinese saying "want pretty dont wan life"...


Monday, August 14, 2017


Its Monday~ a Special Monday~ Monday that very happening

Bump into my lecturer while im searching parking... dint say hi to him... saw he and his wife loving as usual.. he doesn't really look good.. i think he is about 80 now.. still holding his wife hand, open the door for his wife... even tho his wife the one that driving... kinda sad see him in this condition.. but he and his wife still smile happily... that the most important...

what make things complicated is... he is the one that encourage my ex to court me even tho we will be facing distant challenges... unfortunately things doesn't work out.. but he make me recall lots of things... 
and i learn great lesson from it.. which is.. DONT THINK AND WALK~!!!! specially when you in heels... sigh.. i ended up kneel down on my knee.. luckily there are no goodlooking guys in front of me.. else sure thought that im proposing.. and for sure will say "I DO" after seeing my knee... 

Frankly... i dont feel that pain as much as the heartache i used to feel... bit numb and i can even laugh because i feel embarrassed... ya la.. till the cafe owner come and concern.. sigh.. obviously everyone is looking.. wearing dress and kneel down.. sigh... 

single too long and become too strong.. dint cry.. or what.. but text some friends ask for sympathy.. ( still want be little girl get attention k~!) then use tissue and wipe the blood.. and even go look for traditional doctor to fix my "ankle" (not massage as my vein is swollen... just i feel feet not right d).. then back office meeting as usual.. and back home apply aloe vera and put ice on the swollen part... wondering... since when i become so strong and independent.. feel so numb... the blood stain on tissue just a prove im injured.. but.. the pain.. i cant feel it anymore.. good or bad? 

oh~! one thing that make me sad.. my leg not pretty d... lots scar.. sobs.. and might not able wear heels for awhile... these really make me sad d~! aiks~!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Weekends Leisure

Saturday is here... time for pampering... as usual.. its a great time to date myself... a sip of hot choc.. a nice book.. and not least nice soothing music always ease my day...

And when the weather im perfect form.. raining.. its even greater... been dreaming this all this while...

One day... do hope my another half like to spend time together in this way as well... ^^

Thursday, August 10, 2017


A beauty of a single moment can last an eternity

recently my memories getting worst.. i cant remember people name.. cant remember some of the thing i mention or said (obviously im not serious with those). but sometimes my memory can be super good.. specially on things that touched me.. (maybe thats how i stuck in certain stage cant move on) or something that i spend with people i care and love.. (emo~!) those little things are so memorable for me..

everyone will do mistake.. but.. is it really matter? so long it doesn't cross my limits.. most time i will forget it.. i rather remember their good deeds.. or perhaps im too lazy to "hate" someone.. hatred will actually let us "miss" and allow them get some space from our memories.. since we need keep remember their mistake.. ouch.. tiring~!!!

but too much emotion is bad as well... no emotion cold heart.. hmm. another dilemma~ hahahaha

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Swing Swing

Recently mood swing worst than roller coaster... worst is I know its bad.. but.. IM A WOMAN... sigh... only way is shut my mouth and try avoid HUMAN... because even my mouth shut.. my face expression always betray me~! sigh..

So... to distract myself noticing my own mood swing.. to reduce i hurt people around me.. now days i will do more things.. but cost me as well lo.. sobs..

first thing of course is SHOPPING~! who can resist it? order online.. and when it arrive.. will so excited as if the postman is Santa Claus.. huhuhu...

after all im still a girl k~!

then.. try chat with other girls.. ONLY GIRLS KNOW... if chat with guys.. they surely will thought "oh well.. here come the "blame the hormone" time.. " so better try avoid them as well this moment..

not least.. read book.. this round i read a book that for my own good.. forgive myself for being insane.. this year.. i really need apologize to myself... mental and emotionally abuse myself too much d (wont be physical abuse as im scared of pain )

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Enjoyment of JAM

Never know kuching can be so crowded... we do gathering after working hour... stuck in the traffic together... >.<

Aside from training my calves (manual car k!).. i also get the chance to act cute n do some selfie... of course never forget to notice the surrounding specially the sky... 😆 then post into my insta and facebook... let myself feel so artistic and talented... huhu
Oh well... instead getting grumpy... might as  i count the blessing.. at least im in a car with aircond n nice music.. sometimes texting (only when red light) n chatting (handsfree k.. don report me)...
Huhu.. lets enjoy the ride.. ps: make sure you have full or atleast half tank filled petrol ya

Monday, August 7, 2017

A bridge

A bridge that lead me to ponder.
There are some bridge lead us to another path.. another new world... be another us
There are some bridge we wish to burnt off so we can have a better life...
But all this.. once done cant be regretted... even if regret.. it will take times for us to cross the bridge again.. and things will never be the same again..

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Older and Wiser

somehow i just wish to open this link and type something on it again. Not even sure there are still any reader...

Recently movie marathon over the weekends. Since its hot out there, try to back to homey me and get some entertainment to kill time..

Watched "Rough Night" & " Girls trip". Starring by the famous sexy, influential, strong and independent lady icon - Scarlett Johansson (Rough Night) & Queen Latifah ( Girls trip)

These past few months im in bad shape.. losing myself again and again... cant really figure it out why, but its bad.. like.. REALLY BAD

nothing to be proud of.. but all i can say is its a process of learning.. understand myself again and try to get up from where I fall and be another better women instead girl...

The message i gained through these two funny yet rich with messages is that friends always the most important. Most of the time i wont deny, when i have another partner i tend to neglect my friends. they always the understanding one and tolerant me well.

Since years ago im single.. actually kinda used to it d.. i notice that im stronger than before.. but.. the wound still there.. and its still fragile.. kinda easy to bleed compared last time. Hence, its an automatic shutter d.. somehow it closed...

No matter what the status is.. its a new generations.. not every marriage last... of course we wish we the lucky one and create the happily ever after own story as the fairy tales show... but.. being single and surrounded with fun and nice supportive friends not as bad.. at least they always be there with us when we in tears, when we curse people.. and not least when we discussing bout guys..

Well... hope my spirit in back into blogging will last. Else it will be another once a year article again ^^