Wednesday, August 13, 2014

tips from Olay Malaysia

Wahaha… now Im become one of those person that conscious on taking care of their skin and have searched high and low for the prefect beauty product which could do the trick. Coz age catching up as well because of my new job… so I found this interesting information from the internet… hmm… maybe this can be tips for everyone…
Here its starts…. 
There are a few step to step beauty routine that women are supposed to follow and this includes cleansing, moisturize, toner and lotion. Cleansing your face is really important as you have been out all day at work or out to town which exposes your skin to dirt. Besides that, we all tend to get bored or anxious and tend to touch your dirty hands on the face. You are transferring all the germs onto your skin and leave excess dirt. Your skin starts becoming oily and using a facial cleanser to wash away all the dirt away will make you feeling refreshed as ever.  Women should choose a cleanser with brightening elements in its formula especially when you are living in a hot climate.

After you have cleanse your face, use a toner to swipe off the remaining dirts from your pores. Then start applying moisturizer to hydrate your skin after that long exposure to air conditioning at the office and even at home. Air conditioning does make you feel comfortable to go about your day but it dries your skin. Olay moisturizer cream might be the perfect choice for you who wants to achieve smooth and supple skin.  Women can choose from the various types of creams available from Olay Malaysia to suit their skin.

Other than that, women should always protect their skin from the sunlight as frequent exposure will burn your skin and have uneven skin tone. As we know, Malaysia hot weather and the heat will damage our skin and sometimes cause breakouts. The Olay White Radiance UV Cream helps women to tackle the problem. Instead of wearing sunblock, apply a UV cream to protect your skin from the hot sun.
Last but not least, it will be great to unwind yourself and pamper your skin by applying a face mask. Olay Aquaction Softening Sleeping or Olay Anti-aging mask will be great for you to treat your skin and feel relaxed. Facial mask is a must for women to apply at least once a week as it refreshes and hydrates your skin reducing inflammation. You will wake up every morning feeling beautiful and radiant by following the simple steps in your beauty routine. Wondering where to get Olay beauty products? Check out ZALORA website for the wide range of Olay products online and select the ones which you prefer. Have a healthier looking skin and start feeling more confident. 

Ok… so I shall start my routine in taking care of my face d… specially now that I need to wear heavy makeup everyday.. Of coz I don’t wish after wash off my makeup I look like zombie… huhuhu…