Wednesday, April 30, 2014

let kids be kids

This advertisement really capture my attention.. as what i keep posting in previous post.. nowadays kids are not as fun as we used to be...

we never have to bother our schedule.. all we do is, wake up (by forced), bath, eat, go school, be monster in school, play... back home, do homework (again is by force), then watch cartoon, play around at neighbourhood, bath, eat and sleep... sometimes will be punished by teachers or parents...

that's it~! i never went to tuition until i reach 17 yrs old.. and now im doing my master...
i never attend any music or art class... and now im doing craft as my part time
i never attend computer class.. and now im typing.. (or else?? impossible im handwriting this blog right?)
i play at longkang (drain), now im still healthy as a bull..

why bother to control and make them have a life like adult? but again... its because of the environment...

so... once awhile... maybe we should let our kids enjoy just like in the video... ^^

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easier to say than done

Its always easy to tell people or share idea with people on how to do things... but do they know its not very easy for a beginner who have lots things on hand to do everything?

sigh~ not that my ego too high till i cover my ear with it... just sometimes i wish enjoy every moment instead doing everything for the sake of money... im not so money minded yet.. at first i create JasCraft because its my hobby to do some craft... then slowly i join my friend participate in bazaar since i enjoy the moment do craft in the public...

but slowly... i lost track.. i seem to sway away from my original purpose... slowly lots people suggest me do this do that... till the point i feel so stress when i touch the tools... i feel burden on my shoulder instead.. i understand they mean well... but sometimes, i wish people will kindly respect me and let me have it done in my own way...

i really do appreciate their opinion... but... sigh...

i also wish i can be like the others, do wonderful and pretty and unique craft to their customer... somehow... i wonder if they know what is the story behind this JasCraft...

Friday, April 18, 2014


Mirror Mirror on the wall... how can i find someone that are just like me~

in most time, everyone think themselves are the type person they want to meet... because most time people think they are the perfect one...

but in most time, the way people treat people are the opposite way... because they think they are the perfect one so they expect people treat them in perfect way... yet not willing to give the perfect treatment to anyone else...

read this book, mention bout mirror kinda inspiring me...

mirror is a reflection of ourselves (unless you get a funny mirror then that's opposite way)... what we see in mirror is how we look in real life... same goes to the treatment we want to receive.. i think it was right... how we want people treat us, first is how we treat people... then only it will reflect back to us~ ^^

so never be calculative... just give... if that person take advantage... soon the mirror will reflect it back to him/her... ^^

lets buy mirror today... and put it into our life~ ^^

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Give a Rose

today read this meaningful article 'Give a Rose to a person, and your hand will smell good"...

never be stingy in giving people a hand, even if it might not be beneficial to you. nowadays, most relationship are "win- win" relationship, or beneficial relationship.... seldom we see there are sincere relationship... slowly people no longer trust each other... because they themselves have this intention when choosing people...humanity seems to near to extinction.. hmmm

in most time, we can 'sense' this type person... and sooner or later, this type of person will be avoided by people and stay lonely and fake forever... as for me, im too realistic, i dont even bother to talk or be friend with this type person... those that calculative, money minded people... stay off from me... because im too lazy to waste my energy watch your drama...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Some people just never appreciate good people around them... Some even take advantage on them. .. The more a person know how much you willing to give, wait and love... The more they complain and compare you with others...

Worst. .. at the end of day they will only give you an answer "I never ask you to do so.. so don't expect any returns from me..."

wonder if one day that good person gone will anyone notice. .. hmm...

A pic with thousand words

Teenage drama

As usual... teenagers are always full of imaginations in life... so as usual.. entertainment side will definitely grab this chance to earn more money by producing more drama/ movie to enhance their imagination

i notice that there are big differences between Asian drama and Western drama

Asian Drama
- more to romantic side, dramatic (cry and die and quarrel to get a guy -  as if there are no more other guys d)
- most time the girl have conflict with own personality, dress like tomboy, unattractive
- then most time guy so charming, popular and rich
- and most time both main actor or actress must be smart, top student and end up successful
- summary = mostly time is sentimental

Western Drama
- most time more towards humor, sarcasm level super high (thats why i prefer Western Drama) romantic side
- wonder why most time both sound dumb...
- either the girl are blonde or the guy are nerd
- most time they are more towards art - sing and dance ( Glee is one of it)
-  love party, and of course lots 18sx scene...

actually im not drama person... but once in a blue moon no harm to watch it... drama that i watch actually can be counted by fingers... LOL~

My restaurant name

hmm... what if one day i have the opportunity to open a cafe or restaurant? what shall i name it? how bout my menu?

Lets rain storming

1. Restaurant name:

Options : Cincai la or Anything or You decide or Shui Bian (in mandarin) better?
Reason : this seems to be the most usual name people will say when asked for opinion on place to dine or hang out...

so if i name my restaurant with these name then definitely lots people think of my restaurant all the time right?

ok... restaurant name done... now food & drink

2. Food

Options : Cincai la or Anything or Shui Bian or dont know leh...

Reason : too often eat at outside, so most time this is the answer when choosing food... specially if they go new place... so all these food i shall make it as meal of the day... hahaha...

or.... maybe i shall make it like phone preview from internet... select soup... no meat... want vege... etc... then end up with the best options from my restaurant... hmm... but i need someone good in technology d for this

3. Drink

Options : Cincai la or Anything or Shui Bian or No Need (as i want force them drink.. huhu) or don know leh

Reason : same as reason from Food... but need add on... i shall also provide a new column for ladies - Period drink.. huhu... since most ladies will face difficulties in choosing drink during menstrual period.. so lets pamper them by giving this list of drink for them choose...

So everything done... What do you think? which name will help me be rich soon? hahahahha

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Housewife mode

today is a sunny day... mean my housewife mode on again.. hahhaa... after have heavy brunch (fish ball kolok mee) with dad... my duty started d

cant deny, im really good in cleaning and multitasking... hahaha... so let me share with you how to be multitasking efficiently within two hour (less actually)

this my supervisor
 The only thing I can snap pic ... lol

below will be the whole schedule... too bad i was too into the task and forgot take pic of each part...

12pm :
  •  take off the curtain, pillow case, blanket etc and soak into water
  • boil a pot of water, and wash the green peas in same time
  • while waiting for the water to boil, cook cats' rice
1230pm (roughly) :
  •  water boiled - pour the green beans into it and boil till it crack a bit
  • wash blanket, pillow case, bed sheets.. then soak the curtain (must separate as it is dirty)
  • sweep the living room and kitchen
1pm (roughly as well)
  • rice and green peas well cook - off anything to save electricity and gas
  • start to mop the house (in same time the washing machine is running), normally i roughly mop the whole place 3 times ( change the water 3 times)
  • oh ya... in between must remember add softland into the washing machine to get the nice and soft feel on those
 125pm (roughly as well)
  • take out the blanket, pillow case and the bed sheets from the washing machine and hang it
  • wash the curtain
145pm (roughly too)
  •  clean everything = mop, and put back everything back to the place once the floor are dry
  • keep washing machine and hang the curtain...
taadaa..... done everything within 2 hour... hahaha... and now im infront of the PC... then this make people think im facing PC wholeday as if i got nothing else to do... hmph

maybe im good in multitasking... thats why lots people always think im too free nothing to do... but what they dont know is.. i arrange and plan things ahead.. and definitely i prioritize certain things too... oh well... lazy explain much... lol

Friday, April 11, 2014

self obsessed

Nowadays appearance really important... everyone will judge anyone... even themselves start critic and compare themselves... sigh...

From selfie to self mirror. ..  few days ago coincident my booth was just in front of a fashion shop's mirror... nearly everyone pass by will check on themselves... haha. .. ladies or gentlemen. .. lol

Maybe it's time stop stressing and start counting the blessing will be better?  ^^

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

missed the chance

Saw this toy in one of the local shop. .. feel excited but there are something missing. . Ah... The feeling of owning it..

I'm from a humble family... which also mean I get toys that my sister played and normally I get most things second hand.. not that my parents don't love me... but they want us to learn sharing and appreciation...

Of course... During that time I can't afford buy anything. .. so like it or not I only have one option. . Keep it or leave it...

But now when I can afford the toy I like... only thing I get is memories and remember how I wish to have it. .. I won't buy it anymore as it's a past feeling and I no longer need it...

Sometimes there are certain things... Once pass it won't be the same anymore. .. so must appreciate present before it became "past" and before it became regrets...

Oh ya... so this the toy. .. but that time it wasn't so well packed... lol... that time it's just a piece of paper. .. and it cost much cheaper... lol... This what I call... Marketing. ....

Thursday, April 3, 2014


tomorrow going to join another 3 days bazaar... this round it was orgainized by other people... the lady organize it created a group chat for all the participant... it is kinda frustrated and upsad to see some people just never appreciate... come on la~ its only RM180 for this 3 days event, not that it cost us RM1.8k...
They even request for set up day before... for most of us (who join bazaar before) were amused by them... first... it is open space... then it is shopping mall... and please remember the location of the mall actually cost differently... sigh... its not that we want which space then we can get and within the same price..

i'd organize this type event before... frankly, its not easy at all... we need negotiate with the mall, and we need to get best price for everyone... and most important we also need assure the place have crowd so that the vendors that join us can earn enough to at least cover the cost...

oh well... only those experienced it will understand the difficulties... and as for us, we must learn from those people that never appreciate and be appreciative...

hope tomorrow sales are good~ hehehe...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

moving up

Watch an interview show.. interviewing a business man from Philipines... one of the thing he mentions really attract me. .. "if I'm not moving up mean I'm moving down. .. so I will and must always improve myself in order to keep moving up"

No matter business or relationship or interpersonal. .. improvement is a must... nothing will remain the same.. even feeling or status.. so must always improve and keep moving up... yeah...

Captain America - The Winter Soldier

What can i say - SUPER NICE~!!! of course the main reason is because CHRIS EVANS starring Captain.... muahahahhahahah (wiping saliva)

what can i say, it never disappoint me specially when it involve handsome macho guy~ muahahhaha...
ok.. back to movie... for me the beginning part bit boring, maybe because it just a starting and as usual... you will see how those hero wont die because if they die there will be no point watching it... then suddenly a mystery powerful villain start appear...

the opm part started when Fury (the one eye black guy) get attacked... the way he protecting himself from getting killed just amazed~! and the fun part is they all have sense of humor specially Fury... he always be so sarcastic even when people hunting him...

of course, i also like the black widow, who is so sexy, flirty and good in martial (hope in real life she is as well)... but bit not happy coz she take advantage on my dear Chris Evans(muaahahhahahahaha).... oh well... i shall forgive her as she help protect him from getting caught... huhu

so... the moral of this movie i get is  never trust anyone specially those who always craze over power... and of course always have friends (true friends) around you... not least... always stay fun, stay flirty (like the black widow) and always be alert with surrounding... those haven watch it... must watch~!!! coz there will be Captain America 3 soon~ muahhahahahahahahah

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

sewing bag

Hehe... New way to release tension n stress... since I bought some material. .. today in sewing mode... but still need lots practise... haha... dad ask if I want sell it... ermm... I think the buyer sure will kill me for such quality. ..
In other hand... I feel so proud... from cloths I able make it as a bag... useful bag... With inner lining somemore k... muahaha. .. feel so proud. .. huhuhu

At least when I feel useless because keep failing in certain thing...  now I got something that make me feel achievable again... huhuhu..