Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I lost my voice~

ah~ i cant talk now... coz no one actually will understand what im talking specially through the phone... last niight was the "peak" moment, my dear called me to chat for awhile as usual... but last night he wish to hang up easlier after 5min chat... reason? "dear, sorry, actually until now i dont know what are u talking.. i only heard.. xxx..." LOL.. fainted... cant blame him at all, coz i really lost my voice...

for a talkative person like me... this actually an anti climax moment... sigh~ perhaps i can take this opportunity to shut up my mouth, cool down my trout... ^^

just notice when im frustrated towards the kids... since i cant scold them, so i just use my body language... stare them with my sexy small eye, or worst, raise my finger as warning (not middle finger for sure)... haha... it seems it works very well.. and the benefit of it, i dont have to boil my blood at all, hmm... perhaps i shall practice this more after my voice is back from vacation.. >.< since it help me maintain my blood pressure...

hmm... perhaps this is how the dumb person feel, they wish to voice out their msg but they cant, the more they shout the msg out the worst it get, coz only 2!^%& sound can heard by the others... instead, using sign/ body language will actually help more... sigh~ but im for sure miss my voice, and will appreciate it more... hmmm

VOICE~ i miss u~