Sunday, November 25, 2012


 recently given chance to explore another side of me~ never thought that i will be given chance in "modelling". hehe... joined unimas FEB( faculty of economy and business) modelling event, cant deny, im the "oldest" one there... LOL... it is a great experiences, specially working with the young and talented junior... in the same time it also help me to understand the backstage of models... hardwork (we practice till midnight), lots lots confidence are needed (come on, i need wear 4 inch heels in front everyone), rush (5 outfit within 30min) and in same time have opportunity enjoy different outfit (even tudung >.<) ~ and this also let me boost up my confidence, specially when i notice that hey, my size act is a frame~ lol... some nice pic to share~ ^^

supper in a village
 while waiting for our turn to rehearsal
 the live band
 haha, thanks for my sis - privera 4 inch heels
 this is where we performs
 the models~

to further my confidence boost up camp - i just too another course in dancing that i dream of so so so so long ago = BELLY DANCE~!!!! haha... more stories to come (crossing fingers)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rainy Day~

it's raining season~ i just love rains... so calm.. so nice~ since im a little cute girl (i am still.. :D) i love raining days... i love to think.. read during this weather... now.. i also love to have hot drinks... i always dream to lay on my love one during this weather as well.. hehe.. hope will come true one day :D...

even when in the car, i just love to stare at the drops on the window... how a little rain drop link to each other then off from the window~ i just love rainy season~ :D it just make me so "calm and cheerful"

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


ah~ 2 more months to go, then bye bye to 2012 and halo to 2013~

2012 is a very happening year~ it is a year where God put a lot of effort for me so that i can develop myself and become better person~ im a very optimistic person, some of my resolution seems to be negative instead successfully achieved~

my master process wasnt that good as i plan - soin coming year, i must put 2x effort so that i can grad properly in expectation timeline

me and him breakup instead having better relationship - instead angry of him or blaming myself, i take this opportunity to develop myself to be a better person - thanks to him as he always one of the person help me become better and more mature :) 
if there is fate, no matter what happen, we can still be together, if there is no fate, then even im stick with him 24/7 we will gradually leaving each other as well... so... final answer will only be revealed through times - and only God knows why all this occur~ :D

anyway... i must now try pick up and settle the other resolution~ perhaps can start build new one as well... it is a blessing everyday~ everything happen for good reason - only take times to reveal it~ :D