Friday, February 26, 2010

Red Snail

my dear really love aquatic hobbies... from fishes then shrimp and latest one... he now even have snail as his pet... YES~! snail... Aqua snail... hahahaha...

but guess what... previously i dont really know how to enjoy such"pet", but after looking at it more than once everyday, this pets really quite cute and special, watching them float around and playing the wave (created by filter) it seems so relax and enjoying... now end up it became part of things i do each time i back from work... release stress and wish i can be as relax and enjoying life like them... hehehe... no wonder my dear willing to buy it in a cost of RM5 just for one little red snail...

Closed up... See how red and nice it look



his red shrimp (also on sale)

currently his snail had overloaded the tank, so he is looking for buyer to buy it... ^^ I'm not sure whether people who read my blog have such interest with such special pet. For those who are interested with it can contact me for more information... hehehe...

hmm... actually i wondering how's the market out there for such special pet... perhaps can ask my research lecture to help do research and do marketing towards this "special pet"... heheheh...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine 2010

Dint celebrate valentines day with him as on that day we are physically not beside each other... I was at Kuching while he is at Penang...

Previously I always emphasize in celebrating this occasion with him... but slowly times past and I guess I grow up dy so doesn't really bother such occasion any more... maybe I'm not romantic type of GF after all... ^^

valentines day, I think it should be celebrate every days... when both love each other, everyday is special day... every day is an appreciative day because we both met each other and able to be together as lover instead just friends... everyday shall love and give each other little gifts to show our appreciations and loves... am i right? hmm...

sometimes i really worried that in the future both of us are getting used to each other companions until we both take each other for granted until the point that the "sparkles" will be "washed off" just like that... i don know how most of the spouse remain so loving and cares for each other... but some how i guess that there are ways for it when the times are there... hmm...

anyway, Happy valentine day my Dear... love you... ^^

With my ah dear at one of the temple in Penang

Saturday, February 20, 2010

back home... ^^

yeah~ back to Kuching for a week for Chinese New Year after being in half year
in Penang. :)

back on 12 February till 19 February... 2 hours of flight... honestly i don really enjoy sitting in the plane alone for so long... butt get numb and people beside me are too "cute" until i cant get my eyes of her~ ( Sweat ~!!)

but when i step out from the plane alot of things had change... my room became my sis and dad new store room, my cat became fatter, and most important, dad said im fatter dy... sigh~

when reach home the first thing that I notice change a lot is my ah dong, hmm... now his size increased to 6 times of my feet length... sigh... and he is more pampered than before as well... each nite he will treat my leg as his bolster. will hug my leg while sleeping till the next day... nice~ each nite my leg is warm... hohoho...


below pictures proven a fact, my leg smell nice and its nice to hug... hohohoho

during the first day of CNY, the things i like most will be the foods... muahahha... even though every year the recipe are the same, but i never get bored of it... and this year, my special request will be the well known " Ka Chang MA" which cannot be found in west Malaysia... hohohoh... but, the end result is i gain more weight... sigh... now it makes my mission became mission impossible dy... sigh...

The CNY meals

The nice Ka Chang MA

of coz cannot be missed off, the nice Sarawak Laksa~

now im back to penang, and tomorrow going to back to work... another thing i miss alot from Kch will the weather, because currently Kuching is raining everyday and the weather are so nicely cold, but here, the Sun so semangat till it will melt me... sigh