Sunday, January 13, 2013

my dream partner

today went out with sis... saw 3 types of couples- old couples

scene 1- at cafe
while sitting alone in a cafe for lunch, there is a old couple sitting beside my table... as usual, they take out their smartphone and request for free wifi password (nowadays aunty and uncle... tsk tsk tsk, dont play play)
conversation start
woman- dear, we must save the password
man - silly dear, they will change from time to times, plus the password will stored in our phone automatically...

then they start browse using their phone
man- dear... how bout we going to UK this year, you like to go xxx for xxx right?
woman- hmm.. true, but dear, i wish go NZ instead... i wish to go to xxx... (smile happily)
man- ok then, as you like k? let me check...

then the conversation goes on bout their plan... and im start busy satisfying my tummy :D
scene 2- while que to make payment
woman on the phone (in soft voice): im queing here, can you come over and help line up? the line still quite long
after awhile, a grumpy guy came
man- make it fast, i dont care... half way i will leave
woman (still in soft voice)- you found yours, i have no chance to find mine yet as you can see the line really long... please help me line up, then i will be very fast k?
man- you better be fast, if more than 5 min i will walk off
the woman actually give him the money to pay for his cloths
man- i will pay for my own, you pay for your own and be fast

 after the woman left... the man start smile and talk to the girls around (hamsap in other words)
scene 3- while shopping for shoe
a woman is choosing shoe... while a man holding her waist tidely

as i wish to see the shoe from that side as well... i saw the woman actually sit on his lap in the public and there are still lots of empty seat around
man (talking to his friend) - she just love sit on me (kiss the woman)

cant deny, i sound like busy body and bothering people's business... cant avoid it as it is within my observation compound...

i need no a guy that hug me and show to the world how much he love and cares for me as in scene 3, but i wish not a guy that selfish and doesnt bother bout me as well as in scene 2... i prefer partner like in scene 1... where we can discuss place we wish to visit...respect me... then in same time can do own thing together in one time... just as simple as that :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013


chat with my best friend today~ bout positive energy VS negative energy

im always a positive energy for most friends and people around me... i always tell them that everything happen with good reason behind, either times will recover it or a reason that we will never understand... :) for me, most of the time when we are negative, we wont even see how things interrelated...

but sometimes, negative energy will cover the positive energy... it depends how strong the person that having the energy... LOL... so my tips? before sleep, gratitude towards things that occur... pray and be thankful for what had happen, coz the fruitful result will shows soon~

so cheers~ life is wonderful when we start appreciate it and always think positive~ :D

Sunday, January 6, 2013


suddenly have the thought - nothing is permanent...

smile is not permanent - thats why there is tears
happiness not permanent - thats why there is sadness

love is not permanent - thats why there is heart break
marriage not permanent - thats why there is divorce
promise not heart break - thats  why there is doubts
results not permanent - thats why there is hardwork
money never permanent - thats why people moan :P
even life is not permanent - thats why there is death
looks not permanent - proves as below (within 6 months, my changes. Anti clockwise from top)

since nothing is permanent... so must appreciate every moment... treat it as the last chance we ever have~

Cheers~ ^^

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 first post

its a great start for me... found a new job... heart still taken by same person but i cant express anything anymore coz he no longer belong with me~ sigh... so this year... attention fully on myself~ :)

new aim... love myself more... be workaholic... earn more money~ learn more and develop myself properly... guess i had spend too much time on other person instead myself... this year is a year for myself... repack and be better me~ more mature, more sexy, more smart, and more worth loving person :)

cheers~ :D