Saturday, December 31, 2011

countdown babeh~

funny, it is just another year, but this year i was extremely excited of doing the count down. perhaps it was because i had decided to make a big turn around in my life next year, my new resolution and my new decisions in life... haha... few days ago i went to Popular with my dad. as usual, we were there to have "free" readings. Dad just love to read those "feng shui" books, even though he always say "nah~ i don't trust all this myth" >.< yet, he will only go to that session... LOL I also read mine- tiger. it said that i will be more workaholic next year~ yeah~! i do believe that honestly. I will not admit that im a person that "gia shu"... but im for sure is someone who will try very hard - at least to meet the min requirement... huhu... this year(another 14hours to next year) i had spent alot of time to adapt myself in working life, and spend lots precious time with my bf... now im back to my hometown, with my new path- back to be a student- another level -(crossing fingers i made a right decisions)... I actually had wasted 3 months after i registered as students since oct... sigh, now really need put my full concentration on it... hahaha... since me and his relationship more stable (we both trust each other ba~) and he also gonna concentrate on his decisions (study also)... Then plus~!! im broke, i really salute Sarawakians, couldn't deny, i have quite good income while working in Penang... and again stupid me take it for granted and dint have proper savings. now im back here, part time as tuition teacher, salary honestly only 1/3 of my previous one, but for the sake of good boss, and flexible schedule (i can go meet my supervisor anytime i want as my principle is nice ^^) so now, im broke... i need look for another part time with flexible time... LOL... And lastly, i had making lots excuses and stop exercise ever since i left Penang, haha... personal coach wasnt beside me nag me and let me again neglect my health dy >.<... so next year, i had put in the list of my resolutions to at least exercise 5 times a week... Hmmm... shall i post the before after pic here? hahaha....

So, trough the lists few things make me o excited of being in year 2012

1) i will be workaholic
2) earn more money
3) Master sun sun li li....
4) become sexy ^^
5) not least- great relationship with everyone around me- specially him as we will be apart and be in long distance relationship again ^^

Cheers~!!!!! muahahhaahahhaha