Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fully occupied

I always wonder why some of my friend will tell me they are bored... most of the time, i enjoy staying at home and do things... my schedule mostly fully occupied d and i mostly will reject meeting some friends... perhaps it was because now i'm rushing my master writing, and time to time i will create more craft for my new online business, even though haven have lots customer, but i enjoy creating new one...

long long time ago, i told someone that i am not a person that like to stood there waiting my time pass, i will appreciate every moment i have, because we never know what will happen next.. just like now, i can take a short break to type few words in my blog... hehe... then in future if i'm free i can return and read it~ haha...

i think im always the type of person always on the "run"... during my teenage time, i don even have opportunity to surf internet... those days i spend my time in reading books, do house chores... ah~ this proven i am an anti social person i guess~ LOL... now~ with the internet around.. there are more things coming up~ hmm.. i hope my dream will come true... work from home and in the same time i can go anywhere at anytime with the love one~ oh yeah~

ok.. times up.. continue writing.. >.< I MUST GRADUATE THIS YEAR~!!!!! yawn~~

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hey June~

June is coming.. lots great things coming in during june~ hehe... am so exciting bout it~ now must grab every chance I have to improve and to enjoy~ never say never or no~ oh yeah

my new online business is on d.. even though currently not much customer, but at least i give it a kick start d~ hehe... come support me~ haha.. i welcome comments for further improvement~ (as all the products i'm making now are own "taste"~ hahaha) click here --> JasCraft

 in same time, i just get myself new job, become public bank merchant sales person~ it should be great~ eventhough i'm a marketing student, until today, i never really getting into sales job~ haha~ new great experience and challenges~ yeah~

but now... 3 days before june, i fall sick d... another lesson to learn~ never take own body for granted~ hahahaha...

Oh yeah~ i really enjoy every moment i have now~ huhu

Sunday, May 19, 2013


recently plan to try something new, creating and making bracelet... some how while doing it, i feel that it is really difficult to be a "pretty" woman... even though we always say nature beauty is the best, but we do know that guy is "virtual" person... and besides, for our own enjoyment, we also dress up, make up to impress them, specially the guy that we love (guy really like enjoy beautiful things, we definitely wish we can always be the center of their eye, sad but this is reality~ Sigh~!!!)

while creating those bracelets, suddenly i felt that woman is bit similar like christmas tree~ hehe...

let me help you visualized it~

we always make sure we have nice hair cut - Christmas tree must trim well~
we wear necklace, earrings, bracelet, rings, and anklet - decorations on the Christmas tree
we wear make up - the lighting on christmas tree
we always wan wear nice shoes/heels - presents under the tree
we diet and maintain our body size - christmas tree size must always just nice~

so~ hehe.. lets be a beautiful christmas tree~ haha

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Protecting the environment

all this while i don wish complain much, i mean specially when involve with neighbor, after all i still believe in "semangat kejiranan" (the unite of neighborhood).. but my neighbor really cross the line d, and i had do something that i never expect i will do...

my neighbor have this weird hobby, which i think he practice in his village... the whole family love to do open burning, nearly everyday they have something to burn~! everyday evening they will do open burning, previously, i still not so angry as they burn within their compound (backyard) as they need charcoal for their business (sell fried banana)... ever since they stop doing the business and expand their house compound, they move their burning compound, to front of my house... fine~! since we also not walking that little path, we try tolerate and keep the unhappy feel to ourselves~

until yesterday, im not sure what they burn~! till a heavy black smoke enter my house, i was shock, cause me and my dad thought there is fire behind our back path... until i run to the back, and saw my neighbor was doing the open burning again~! i was seriously unhappy and tell him that he this is too over and it is a pollution, specially now "summer" in Malaysia... what pissed me off is he answered me in monotone "ya kah, takla (isit? no la)... and continue burn... my dad stopped me from continuously argue with them (Actually i plan open the door and pour water d).. so since they don understand proper manner which we always practice - tolerance~! i had decide to make report to the nature resource Sarawak.

surprisingly, they are very efficient, this morning they came, and funny part is one of the officer said "huh, they burn at people area? wow"... as we don not want them to know we are the people that make report, so we walk away.. fortunately, today they do open burning.. yes~ fresh air~ hehe...

i think it is obvious im the one make the report and ruin our relationship as neighbor, but at least im proud to say that i did my part in protecting the earth~ hehe.. happy.~


eventhough this is a tropical country... still i can differentiate what is summer, super hot at this moment... trying my best minimize my movement... yet, i still sweat even by just moving my fingers and eyes... His place is winter.. bit envy~ arghh..

went out for just few minutes (which most of the time drive, and in mall) i get sunburn d~!!! no wonder im so dark.. another reason to blame.. wakakakaka....

must drink more waters, boil more cooling drinks.. and apply lots lotion and sunblock~~ oh~ when will this "summer" end... sweat sweat...

Friday, May 10, 2013

Quarter of 2013

it's already the Quarter of 2013... i still can recall i was just spending time with my family at langkawi during CNY trip, and met him for wonderful trip... times really pass by so fast

just reread my 2013 resolution... foresee most of ticks will be given.. hehe.. happy.. but cant take things for granted... i must assure all the tick is firm first.. haha.. im a aggressive and energetic person.. due to some of my friends went meet God earlier... its a calling for me... i must speed up... so now... i must build a permanent and strong basement for my next journey~

bit tired... stress.. worry... but i believe all these will be great challenges for my coming plan~~ hehehehe...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Who am I?

during interview, i hate this question most "please introduce yourself". so normally i just tell them what they like to hear - my personality, my working experience, my education background and my future plan (which you wish to hear - benefit your company)

i actually dont even know who am i, besides the name given by my parents.
im still discovering myself... staying alive for 27 years, i dont expect to be the same all the time, and there also a lot of things that im not sure whether i can face, cant face, expect, interest, not interest and etc...

people always say that i change alot, im not, im just being flexible.. i want to be like water... i can adapt into any shape of container (environment)... if i was stuck there... i want to be steam and become cloud... then find new place, come down as rain and become water and adapt to new container again...

life is so short, how long will it be 80years of episode maybe (if im lucky)? i dont expect i will always be in childhood drama, once awhile i want be in love drama, comedy, adventurers.. .. erm... not horror la~ >.<

so, i rather introduce my self with topic "how do you do and what is your plan" instead those "please introduce yourself"... if i know myself so well.. i guess life will be too boring d~ hahaha....