Saturday, August 27, 2011

Facial time

PIMPLES~! BREAKOUT~!! attacking me~ was so sad for past few month... just because i want to have moisture face, end up i create sand paper on my face... sad sad and sad is the only way for me to describe how i felt...

my dear had bring me and accompany to try several facial while im there... because he cant see me keep up sad anymore.. haha,... actually because i keep nagging and complaining bout my face...

the main reason of this was i bought wrong mask, not to blame anyone, but im not the expert so i bought wrong mask for my face, so instead provide good moisture to improve my face, it actually have overly "nutrient" my face, and the moisture all was under the skin and create pimples internally, wow sound so complicated right? in short- break out, my face have sudden pimples on it! sigh

after tried so many facial saloon i still prefer back to kuching to my previous facial saloon who actually really know how to clean, yes... good cleaning as even the jaw line they will also help clear it... which is DERMACARE at jalan arang road~ ahhaha

i really like their services, because first they dont promote me anything, nor the products or the package. secondly, they really make the effort to help clear off every single pimple, blackheads and some internal bleeding without short cut. last but not least, the boss, she will come over and double check her staff work, not that she dont trust their staff, it a show of concern towards the customer and she is the expert...

but, during those moment it was really really damn suffer... they treat my face as a bun, squeeze and squeeze is all i can feel... i can even smell the blood smell after the boss help me clear my face... wow~ i was hoping that they could actually just knock me to faint during that very moment...

so i took a photo after the facial.. perhaps it still look not nice, but it does feel better, at least i dont feel the uneven texture and most important the marks are smaller dy... huhu...

hope my face will recover before 14 Sep~ wush~

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Application of MAster

Just settle of my Master application in UNIMAS, hmm... not as complicated and not as simple as i thought... i only know working require resume, never expect study also need resume... huhu... lucky enough the staffs in UNIMAS are friendly and kind enough let me email those documents that not completed. or else i will need to trouble my dad for another 30 min trip to there again... sigh~ now only will wait for good news... huhu... wish me luck la~

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

healthy me~

started to fall in love with exercising recently... previously, i was never really like it because each time i get into exercise it means that it was time i gain weight. couldn't deny it was the same thing as well in the past two weeks when i just return from Penang. i was so damn desperate to lost few kg before mid of September as my dear will be convocation during that month... why does it bother me? because i wouldn't want my self look like a bun in his master convocation photo... hahaha

so when i reach home, i told my family that i must lost some kg within a month before i return penang in mid Sep. my dad is great, as he shows his greatest support for me, he bought only fishes and veges. haha... so now everyday there must be at least one type of veges... which is mostly finished up by me... can you imagine, now my breakfast are oats, fresh blended orange juice and alternate day yogurt ( because yogurt are so expensive so i couldn't afford daily yogurt :( sad) lunch i will have home cook simple meal, sometimes eggs, left over food and etc, then before my workout, i will mostly have a fruit, any fruit, apple, pear... just to avoid my tummy playing drums during my workout.. huhu

as for my work out, mostly i will refer to the link of : at first this was my dear favorite web as he love building his body... haha... but recently due to my needs of reducing weight, so i need enter this web for proper guidance... then i started my own schedule of daily exercise... cardio + yoga + weight lifting of coz must + RESTING. daily around 30 to an hour... hehe...

after consistently doing it, wow... i really could feel the different... of coz not that now i have 6 pack and lost that butterfly arm and that football leg... just that i can feel my body slowly tone up.. and i really do sweat lot now... specially doing yoga, my whole body will sweat like i just finish swimming, and my leg, yes specially my leg can now sweat... hahahahha.... this is something that i think quite funny, previously i saw my dear leg sweat, i feel that was so weird, but now i know how does it feel. perhaps when do more sports, metabolism had increase, and this also help the pores breath better, indirectly, not only forehead, armpit and back will sweat... leg also will sweat man~ hahaha

will continue do so now, hmm... after lost those kgs, i think my next target is tone up my body... muahaha... i hope it will success~ yeah~ perhaps like Jamie in the picture below?? wu~

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back for good???

Yes im back~ Jeng~ hoho... had return my miao town after being in Penang for 2 years. don't be surprise, this was all within my plan, plan to return to continue my study~ hehe... yes, and as most of people curiosity, i really have a hardship of leaving my dear over there and let this relationship be in long distance again, sigh~ but i do believe that our strong believes towards each other will help us get through this challenge~ :D

so now, i was growing mushrooms and become internet addicted most of the time... as i was still awaiting for my future supervisor to provide me some feed back... it's a great time for me to settle down and relax for awhile as well after working like a bull for 2 years... :)

another prob is that i was also looking for a part time, after knowing how to earn good money and spend it not so wisely without hesitation, i really cant bare with the life without money anymore... haha... so wish me luck for my new life~ and i will back to active as bloggers again~ hurray?? -_X