Monday, May 19, 2008

nowadays parent

helping out for a colouring event held in Tun Jugah..hmm.. even though its stated there is for children.. but in directly it is adult colouring contest.. parent sitting beside there helping the kids to choose which colour for their kids.. the kids? become the robot that help colour la.. sigh.. no wonder nowadays children do not have their own space of imagination anymore.. cant their parent give them the space? ya.. i know they want their children to win.. but some how i think the kid prefer to win in their own ways.. being too protective will only ruin their kids.. sigh.. but in the other hand.. quite touch coz the parent make an afford to stay and accompany their child.. hehe.. some of the kids more geng.. age around 6- 10.. but can make up better than me.. haha.. hopefully the modern parent do give their child grow and experience things by themselves.. hehe..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Latest RM50

today just saw the new RM50 from my colleague.. haha.. at 1st she even ask who is playing around with her and gave her the fake money.. after realising tat is actually new RM50.. its was like..... haha.. worse stil is that the ATM machine not even able to detect t yet.. the only way to deposit the new money is through the counter.. sigh.. how can this be happen? not yet customize yet its already available in market dy.. some how i still prefer the old RM 50.. hehe..

1st day LI

wake up early in the morning by 6am. preparing my 1st day to work.. reach Tun Jugah around 750.. haha.. end up i waited for half hour there.. so far like my working enviroment.. :D at 9th floor.. the view are really so nice.. can nearly c the whole Kuching already.. yet... if the lift out of service.. me sure lost 9 kg dy.. hoho.. colleague are very kind and nice.. :D some how i feel so bad and paiseh cause they all so busy yet i cant help anything.. but anyways its my 1st day.. don know wat will happen in future.. hehe.. but im sure its a great experience working there.. hehe.. tomorrow is another day.. hehe.. quite excited for it ( at least i don have to wait outside the door again...)

Saturday, May 10, 2008


hmm... realise Unimas weather are very emotional.. some how it feel like gals.. hehe.. morning sunshine ( to the point extra hot) then afternoon heavy thunderstom.. and evening nice colourful sky.. hehe.. those are picture that i took from my room.. really like my room alot.. hehehe...

Saturday, May 3, 2008


today realise one new thing.. explainations.. tired of explaining everything that i done to everyone.. why this why that.. really tired.. why must i explain? becoz i tot of after i explain things can get clearer and the questions can be answered.. hmm.. but it seems like it doesnt work out this way.. more complicated things occur.. the more i explain the more questions are there.. LAZY dy.. times heal everything.. haha.. for me there are no reason for further explainations actually.. becoz it sound like i regret things i done and wanna explain to whole world.. it sound like if i explain i actually wannt cover off something.. shall i? haha.. what i had done is a past for me dy.. so why not those ppl that interested to create troubles try to understand this and look forwards the future.. hmm... wondering.. hahaha

1st blog

hoho.. just know my sis have new blog.. yeah.. kia shu wanna have one as well.. muahaha. welcome to my blog.. muahaha.. give me comments if u like to.. and most of all.. thanks for noticing my blog.. muahaha