Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Swing Swing

Recently mood swing worst than roller coaster... worst is I know its bad.. but.. IM A WOMAN... sigh... only way is shut my mouth and try avoid HUMAN... because even my mouth shut.. my face expression always betray me~! sigh..

So... to distract myself noticing my own mood swing.. to reduce i hurt people around me.. now days i will do more things.. but cost me as well lo.. sobs..

first thing of course is SHOPPING~! who can resist it? order online.. and when it arrive.. will so excited as if the postman is Santa Claus.. huhuhu...

after all im still a girl k~!

then.. try chat with other girls.. ONLY GIRLS KNOW... if chat with guys.. they surely will thought "oh well.. here come the "blame the hormone" time.. " so better try avoid them as well this moment..

not least.. read book.. this round i read a book that for my own good.. forgive myself for being insane.. this year.. i really need apologize to myself... mental and emotionally abuse myself too much d (wont be physical abuse as im scared of pain )

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