Sunday, August 6, 2017

Older and Wiser

somehow i just wish to open this link and type something on it again. Not even sure there are still any reader...

Recently movie marathon over the weekends. Since its hot out there, try to back to homey me and get some entertainment to kill time..

Watched "Rough Night" & " Girls trip". Starring by the famous sexy, influential, strong and independent lady icon - Scarlett Johansson (Rough Night) & Queen Latifah ( Girls trip)

These past few months im in bad shape.. losing myself again and again... cant really figure it out why, but its bad.. like.. REALLY BAD

nothing to be proud of.. but all i can say is its a process of learning.. understand myself again and try to get up from where I fall and be another better women instead girl...

The message i gained through these two funny yet rich with messages is that friends always the most important. Most of the time i wont deny, when i have another partner i tend to neglect my friends. they always the understanding one and tolerant me well.

Since years ago im single.. actually kinda used to it d.. i notice that im stronger than before.. but.. the wound still there.. and its still fragile.. kinda easy to bleed compared last time. Hence, its an automatic shutter d.. somehow it closed...

No matter what the status is.. its a new generations.. not every marriage last... of course we wish we the lucky one and create the happily ever after own story as the fairy tales show... but.. being single and surrounded with fun and nice supportive friends not as bad.. at least they always be there with us when we in tears, when we curse people.. and not least when we discussing bout guys..

Well... hope my spirit in back into blogging will last. Else it will be another once a year article again ^^


Rose World said...

Hi Jas! Surprised to see you here.

It is good to open up yourself. Talk about it and not holding onto the past. At the end of the day, it is your life. Live to the fullest and no regrets. Cheer up, girl.

Glad to hear you have good and supportive friends around you. Positive people makes you better and happier. xoxo

Jas said...

Hi Rose! As usual.. think you the only one reading this now.. haha.. thanks for your support all this while