Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Enjoyment of JAM

Never know kuching can be so crowded... we do gathering after working hour... stuck in the traffic together... >.<

Aside from training my calves (manual car k!).. i also get the chance to act cute n do some selfie... of course never forget to notice the surrounding specially the sky... 😆 then post into my insta and facebook... let myself feel so artistic and talented... huhu
Oh well... instead getting grumpy... might as  i count the blessing.. at least im in a car with aircond n nice music.. sometimes texting (only when red light) n chatting (handsfree k.. don report me)...
Huhu.. lets enjoy the ride.. ps: make sure you have full or atleast half tank filled petrol ya

1 comment:

Rose World said...

Nothing new. Kuching is like KL d.