Thursday, August 10, 2017


A beauty of a single moment can last an eternity

recently my memories getting worst.. i cant remember people name.. cant remember some of the thing i mention or said (obviously im not serious with those). but sometimes my memory can be super good.. specially on things that touched me.. (maybe thats how i stuck in certain stage cant move on) or something that i spend with people i care and love.. (emo~!) those little things are so memorable for me..

everyone will do mistake.. but.. is it really matter? so long it doesn't cross my limits.. most time i will forget it.. i rather remember their good deeds.. or perhaps im too lazy to "hate" someone.. hatred will actually let us "miss" and allow them get some space from our memories.. since we need keep remember their mistake.. ouch.. tiring~!!!

but too much emotion is bad as well... no emotion cold heart.. hmm. another dilemma~ hahahaha

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